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Individual Poster Presentation Assignment Sample


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Hotel group and incident

  • Solent hotel of UK provides luxurious accommodation (Solenthotel.co.uk, 2022)
  • Issue is toxic chemical mix at hotel spa (Bbc, 2021)
  • 24 people are hospitalised immediately
  • Chlorine gas has caused the issue due to a mix of chemicals
  • Guests have experienced breathing issue that has caused ventilation

The case is based on the toxic chemical issue in Solent Hotel of UK that is generally a luxurious hotel with the facility of a spa for its guests. This toxic issue generally takes place due to the mixing of two chemicals that have generated the toxic chlorine gas. This is a serious health hazard for guests as almost 24 guests have been taken immediately to the nearest hospital without any delay. Guests have experienced serious issues of breathing due to the presence of chlorine gas inside the spa for which they have been taken into the hospital to remove that intoxication of chlorine gas. This unnecessary hazardous incident has bly influenced the service by disrupting the spa service for its guests. Further, reputation management is an important issue that bly influenced the popularity of the Solent Hotel in UK. Immediate support of ventilation for those guests who have intoxicated the chlorine gas has saved their lives, which is a great effort from the hotel.

Influence on reputation of hotel

  • Hampers the reputation of Solent hotel and spa bly
  • Guests inside the spa room are taken to the hospital (Metro.co.uk, 2021)
  • The reputation of a hotel depends on awareness and service (Foroudi, 2019)
  • Safety issue has influenced the reputation of the hotel
  • Better service can increase the satisfaction of customers (Radojevic et al. 2018)

This hazardous incident has bly influenced the reputation of Solent Hotel as it indicates the absence of effective safety measures from chemicals inside spa rooms. The reputation of any hotel depends on service management as well as proper awareness of any incident that can spoil the service functionality. The incident has caused the hospitalisation of the guests that have created issues with the reputation management as guests have come to the hotel for spending holidays. Hampering in the reputation has caused a serious influence in maintaining the competitive position from other rivals in UK. Safety along with innovative service strategy is the utmost factors that help in increasing the reputation of any hotel. This unnecessary incident of Solent Hotel has deeply influenced in decision making of customers avail the hotel service including the spa service. Therefore, spoiling of the reputation can bly influence the revenue growth of this hotel along with the engagement of potential customers.

Influence of stakeholder groups

  • Customers have experienced threats in the spa room due to a lack of safety
  • Owner has cooperated to overcome this issue overnight
  • Local support from people with ambulance facility (Standard.co.uk, 2021)
  • Stakeholders support in maintaining sustainability (dos Santos et al. 2020)
  • Stakeholders and employees face issues in managing the incident

Stakeholders are a vital part of any hotel business regarding financial super for maintaining functionality properly. Popularity is an essential aspect that attracts potential stakeholders who help a hotel business become popular in any market. Customers of this hotel have experienced a threat regarding safety due to this incident inside the spa room. Growth in the hotel business generally depends on customer satisfaction that helps in attracting customers. However, the present issue of Solent Hotel in UK has expressed the lack of safety inside spa rooms along with the presence of an untrained staff base. However, the owner of this hotel has cooperated with the stakeholders along with customers to overcome this unnecessary hazard issue. Local support from people along with other authorities such as ambulance and fire service has saved the disaster of this hotel. Stakeholders have faced issues regarding maintaining continuous super after this incident however, the issue has been solved with discussion with owners.

Response of management

  • Immediate evacuation of guest inside spa and hotel
  • A ventilation fan has been used for clearing toxic gas (Standard.co.uk, 2021)
  • Support for health improvement and well-being of guests
  • Patients are admitted immediate to University Hospital Southampton
  • The spa has opened after measuring safety for guests

The management of this Solent Hotel has responded immediately to save the lives of guests along with maintenance of their business reputation. An immediate evacuation of guests along with children from that spa area is a creditable task that is done by the management of this hotel. Ventilation is a situation that has helped to reduce the toxic chlorine gas from the spa room that has saved the air quality. The managers along with other staff have constantly helped the guests to maintain their health as well as well-being during this incident throughout the night. Patients have been admitted into the nearest University Hospital of Southampton immediately to provide necessary treatment. After a thorough checking of the condition inside the spa room, the service has been started by the authority with proper protection for its guests.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of responses

  • Evacuation is necessary based on collaboration with local authorities (Link, 2019)
  • Natural ventilation is effective to remove toxic gas (Liu et al. 2020)
  • Immediate admission of the patient can save lives
  • Support from management is necessary to maintain the healthy well-being of guests
  • Safety measuring is a good strategy before reopening service for guests

Evaluation of the response strategy indicates immediate response from the authority by mentioning the fire department as well as ambulance service. This is the proper step taken by this hotel to safeguard their guests from any unnecessary health issues from toxic chlorine. Ventilation service and immediate evacuation are essential steps that have saved the lives of the guests of Solent Hotel in UK. Management has bly supported the management of well-being shows the management is responsible for maintaining the safety of its guests. The entire management of the hotel has bly supported the evacuation process along with supporting those patients to receive early from the influence of toxic chemicals. Measurement of the safety features along with wish present chemicals are the good step taken by the authority before starting the spa again for its guests.

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