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Introduction to Business Contracts and the Law Assignment Sample

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Introduction to Business Contracts and the Law Assignment Sample


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It is identified that the law of contract helps in defining the circumstances where promise I promise is considered to be enforced by two parties or more than two parties. It is taken into consideration that where all the promises are enforced by the courts then these are initially and possible as a contract with certain elements must be present. For the purpose of nation of a contract there must be an agreement constituted by corresponding offer and acceptance which must be considered to be supported by the consideration which is being the mutual exchange of something deleted to the law recognition. The tension to create a legal relation must be there for the purpose of creation of a contract.


In the present case it is identified that bill is one of the most important aspects of the case where he has advertised in the local newspaper for the purpose of setting his car. It is taken into consideration that it is a two seater red train sports car where it is ready for sale for £18,000. It is also identified that there are three persons who have applied for a bill for the purpose of purchasing a car. One of the persons has sent his acceptance letter by post but this letter has not been delivered to bill. The offer that was made by Thomas is of £17,500 in cash. So I identified that Harry is one of the people who has identified and has made an offer to purchase the car for £18,000 but this would be done on the Friday morning. Also there is a person known as Mara who has turned up to bill's house with £18,000 stable in cash but this was refused by bill saying that Harry is the person who is going to sell his car. Therefore in the current case there are just cases where this is identified and the person who would be the final purchaser of the car would be identified.


An offer is considered to be completed when the acceptance of the offer has been given by the person. It is identified that an offer is considered to be important where the intention of the parties to enter into a contract (Papantoniou, 2020). Here it is identified that an invitation to offer is one of the most important aspects where any good provided to the person for the purpose of invitation is taken into consideration (DiMatteo and Poncibó, 2018). It is also taken into account that communication of the offer is one of the most important aspects for the purpose of creation of the same where communicating the offer includes and is considered as effective from the date when the acceptance is passed to the offering. Here this is taken into account that acceptance of the offer is considered to be true and valid there the parties to the offer have accepted the terms and conditions that are related to their acceptance. communication of acceptance must be done between the parties so that the offer becomes valid. (Djurovic and Janssen, 2018) 


Therefore in the current case it is identified that where Harry has provided an offer for the purpose of paying in cash and for me but that Offer was not considered by the Music is considered to be not accepted (Medway, et. al., 2018).

In the present case this has identified that in the Case of Thomas Thomas has provided the acceptance through post but the post has never been delivered to Bill therefore in the current case it is identified that the acceptance has not been communicated and hence this should be taken into account that the offer is not been completed (Durovic and Janssen, 2019).

On the other hand in the case where police have provided an offer to his son Pete it was identified that the agreement was done but on the later date was incident that bill has refused to sell the car. Therefore it is the duty of Bill to sell the car to Pete. Hence it is one of the most important aspects of the contract where acceptance was made by the party and contact has entered into (Kun, 2021).


Therefore a conclusion can be drawn from the above case situation where it is identified that in case of any invitation to the contract that has been made the contract must be provided to the party and it is very much important for them to identify the aspect where contract is meant. It is one of the most important aspects to identify the acceptance of the contract where in case of any acceptance is done between the parties. It is also important for the parties to consider the fact that where the acceptance has reduced to the offer acceptance of the considered to be completed and offer status of that to be changed into a contract (Eller, 2020). Therefore this is important for the user to consider the fact that the acceptance must be there for the purpose of entering into a contract.


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