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Academic and Personal Development Plan Assignment Sample

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Academic and Personal Development Plan Assignment Sample


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In this reflective writing, I will be focusing on the various concepts and ideas which I have learned during my learning module. These areas of learning and understanding will be discussed in this paper. The four-portfolio evidence has been included along with the two reflective models which I have linked to my learning. 

Portfolio evidence (1)

Goal setting skills

The ability to manage their time is more challenging for adult learners who have to juggle a number of responsibilities, such as school, career, and family obligations. Because prioritizing is essential to live a calm and balanced life, time management is essential for university students to succeed. Make a list of the most important items that need to be done first and prioritise them. Keep a weekly calendar in your room to help you remain on track with your short-term goals, such as reviewing class notes and preparing for exams. It will also help you stay organised. With the help of the planner, you may also organise non-academic responsibilities so that you can understand how your day/week will go. In order to organise your work throughout the course of a semester and to plan out critical deadlines and events months in advance, you might consider using an annual planner (Lehdonvirta, 2018). Choose a location where you will be able to concentrate on your studies without being distracted by friends, family, or other activities. While driving, refrain from using your cell phone, sending text messages, or participating in social networking activities. Furthermore, if your preferred meeting location is already occupied, try holding your meeting in a nearby library or coffee shop instead (Cottrell, S., n.d.). You'll need a significant amount of time for academic research, paper preparation, and other activities. Spending more time thinking, analysing, and understanding your work will help you avoid being a perfectionist. You should be completely honest with yourself about how much time you'll need to accomplish each task in order to avoid disappointment.

Make a plan for your future by establishing achievable, measurable, and time-bound goals that will assist you in reaching your goal. If you prioritise and arrange time for your present and short-term goals, you will be able to attain your long-term ambitions faster. It may be difficult to refuse an offer (Rangone and Busolli, 2021). In order to complete an exam or assignment on time, you must learn to say no when the situation demands it. Make your reasons for declining clear and do so gently. Negotiate a day and time that is convenient for both you and the other party. Preparing for class by looking through your notes will help you recall what you've studied so far this semester. Write or take notes after the lecture to make up for whatever you may have missed during the lesson. Examining your notes might assist you in preparing for the subsequent lesson and in thinking of any queries you may have.

Being annoyed or bored makes it difficult to concentrate on your studies. The purpose of this guide is not to preach the virtues of virtue-seeking; rather, it is to encourage you to search for ways to make learning more joyful. A degree programme that takes many years to finish necessitates the development of learning strategies that are both effective and enjoyable. Children may learn a great lot by just relaxing, observing and playing, role-playing, and experimenting with new things (Thelisson, 2020). It takes little effort on their part. Making mistakes and being fully interested in what they're doing both assist kids in learning. 

Setbacks are not synonymous with failure; they are unconcerned with what others think of them, and they do not persuade themselves that they would be unable to learn from their errors in the future. Whenever a youngster slips and falls, he or she just gets back up and starts walking, which over time becomes second nature to him or her. If adults are willing to participate in this kind of learning, they may reap the benefits. Sight, hearing, and touch, as well as delicate muscle movements, may be enhanced by increasing the number of opportunities we provide the brain to access information through our favourite sense (Cottrell, S., n.d.). Learning and remembering new information becomes simpler when many senses are engaged, allowing the brain to establish more connections and associations. This book encourages students to use all of their senses when studying and to get up and walk about. This will make learning less tiresome and more entertaining at the same time.

In college and university, it's not unusual for students who struggled in school to flourish in an environment that is radically different from that of their high school. Because of their individual work patterns, some students may benefit more from the techniques of higher education, while others may benefit more from a different approach. If you've had difficulties in the past, this may be encouraging news for you. This Handbook was produced to aid you in confronting the beliefs that have led to students underachieving in the past, as well as providing practical techniques for managing your current academics. It is intended to be used in conjunction with other resources (Cottrell, S., n.d.).

Portfolio evidence (2)

Team working skills 

In this model I have learnt that team and hope work play a very crucial role in university life as well as work life. The teams can work effectively when every member in a team collaboratively works. With the help of an effective team the goals can be accomplished within the stipulated time.  Teamwork can also produce a good outcome and help in achieving the goals. The importance of teamwork in achieving goals cannot be ignored because when the team members have a common goal it can help them in delivery and effective work result which help them obtain the goals (Cottrell, S., n.d.). I have also developed an understanding in the module about how I can manage performance while working in a team. While working on a team, the most important thing that is required is a communication system among the team members. Different social media channels, telephone, email, web conference, video call messaging, and calls can be effective communication systems in a group. 

The communication systems can help the team members connect one another and solve their doubts regarding those activities. Teamwork can also help me learn important lessons like how I can depend on other people, how I can trust others and build trust, how I can work collaboratively with other people following one common goal. The mark also helps in building concepts and learning new things from other team members (Donia, O'Neill, and Brutus, 2018). I can share my knowledge and skills with other team members and also can adopt new knowledge from them which is crucial for enhancing skills and knowledge. Concept building depends on teamwork because in a team a flowing and sharing of information and knowledge among one another is highly beneficial.

Portfolio evidence (3)

Forming effective habits

For developing effective habits, it is important that I am conscious about changing my habits. That long hair developed because of our paradigms which are the deep-rooted methods of behaviour. These paradigms are very difficult to change because these are deeply rooted and are performed for a long time. Changing our habits therefore needs to change the paradise we are habituated to (Wood, 2019). The paradigms can prevent us from changing those behaviours. Changing our behaviour depending on the knowledge and skills we have achieved can help us change these paradigms. Knowing-doing gap can help us in changing those paradigms.

For developing effective habits, it is important that I am conscious about changing my habits. That long hair developed because of our paradigms which are the deep-rooted methods of behaviour. These paradigms are very difficult to change because these are deeply rooted and are performed for a long time. Changing our habits therefore needs to change the paradise we are habituated to. The paradigms can prevent us from changing those behaviours (Cottrell, S., n.d.). Changing our behaviour depending on the knowledge and skills we have achieved can help us change these paradigms. Knowing-doing gap can help us in changing those paradigms.

The concept of knowing doing gap future significance that I have learned during this learning period. There is a difference between what people do and what they know. The education system focuses on what people know. The reason for this gap is because of our minds and our way of thinking. The mind has two parts subconscious and the unconscious mind in which the conscious mind is also known as the educated mind and the subconscious mind is known as the emotional mind (Cottrell, S., n.d.). The educational system mainly focuses on the subconscious part which gathers data and information and increases knowledge of people. On the other hand, a subconscious mind focuses on the actions, habits, and our behaviour that determine the outcomes. I have also learned that our habits and behaviours are the particular and fixed ideas generated in our subconscious mind (Ahmadi, and Vogel, 2019). These habits and ideas make us do something without any conscious awareness. 

 I have learned that I need to understand what I am doing. Understanding my activities and actions can lessen the knowing-doing gap. I need to focus on my goal and also need to execute the excellence to achieve those goals (Ahmadi, and Vogel, 2019). Effective execution of the actions we think of is most important for achieving the goals. These are associated with lifelong learning because they can provide various opportunities to learn new things and ideas. And also, it can help me a link between what I learn and what I want to learn. 

Portfolio evidence (4)

Referencing skills

I have also acquired my knowledge in referencing style. I have gained my knowledge about what academic misconduct and plagiarism are, and how to avoid it, what referencing is and how I can reference it in the articles. For academic research referencing plays a very important role because for accomplishing and effective and meaningful research referencing is very important. Referencing basically refers to the process of including the sources from where information has been collected (Marsh, and Campion, 2018). Therefore, these resources need to be genuine and authentic because depending on the

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