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Managing Quality and Service Delivery Assignment Sample

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Managing Quality and Service Delivery Assignment Sample


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The report focuses on the quality management and service delivery through which Thomas Beach, the owner of Moss Outfitter, outfitters for gentlemen, can get sufficient support for the organization's quality and service delivery management. In this report, different stakeholders of the company and their interests have been discussed. How the needs of the stakeholders can be identified through various approaches and methods is also included. To broaden the concept of quality management the concept of quality is elaborated. How the qualities standard can be reviewed is another important part of this report. There is a huge importance for the identification of the needs and requirements of stakeholders, and it leads the company to meet their satisfaction level. Poor quality and service delivery Systems impact the interest of the stakeholders therefore the company needs to maintain the quality and service delivery. 

Various approaches can be adopted for quality management in service delivery for example just in time service total quality control service and many more. There must be some issues in these approaches which also need to be paid proper attention to by the organizational leaders. The leaders play a very crucial role in embedding quality improvement and service delivery. Their contribution to quality improvement and service delivery has been identified in this report. The problems in planting the continuous improvement process and service delivery are identified and possible solutions have also been made for helping the managers in the quality management and service delivery. These are the main and predominant areas that the report is based on.

Task 1

Different stakeholders and their expectations for quality and service delivery

The stakeholders are the most vital part of any organization. The stakeholders of Moss Outfitters are suppliers, customers, employees, and sponsors. The expectations of the stakeholders are required to be maintained in the company for the quality and service delivery of the company. 


The employees working in Moss Outfitters are crucial stakeholders in the company because the efforts and activities of the employees create a significant impact on the organization. The employees expect to develop the quality of the product and service delivery as per the customer’s expectations. They identify the needs and demands of the customers and thereby try to maintain the quality of the products. They also find out the processes through which they can meet the expectation level of the customers (Bhattacharya, and Korschun, 2019). They also want that they can reach the service to the customers within time to maintain a good reputation in service delivery. Therefore, the employees are the most valued asset in Moss Outfitters to identify the needs and requirements of the customers which understanding helps them to design the product and service. This is the main expectation of the stakeholders regarding quality and service delivery. 


The customers are the primary stakeholders of the company because depending on the needs, requirements, and p

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