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Memory Cues For Repeated Activities And Lifetime Periods Assignment Sample

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Memory Cues For Repeated Activities And Lifetime Periods Assignment Sample


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Part A – Progress Report

In this research the main aim of the research is to create an online platform where any person can store their old memories like old photos of the person’s family, school photos, college photos, office or working field photo, first achievement of life photos etc (Conway et al.. 2018). In this website the person also gets a benefit from the chatting facility and the video call facility. This site can memories of the old memories of any person and the person can easily revise the memory by going through this site and also get a benefit to connect with the relatives by chatting and video calling. So it is a easy process where a person can store the memory in the inline platform, and a password security which is always keep safe the users information’s and the photos of the old days which was revised by the user in their old age and the leisure time of the day anywhere with a Smartphone and a good connectivity of an internet connection. Humans create a range of memory aids, such as task list and mnemonic devices, to aid in the retention of challenging knowledge. Self-generated recollection signals facilitate understanding of challenging data, establish connections to long-term memory, and eventually facilitate subsequent retrieval. The main challenge is creating an environmental and behavioral trigger that is memorable throughout behavioral settings. However, identity signals are superior to normative (general) cues at facilitating recollection because they are unique, based on personal experiences, and closely related to the intended information. Its efficiency in Self-generated cues can be enhanced through cue generation training, steady cue generation instruction, and utilizing technology to support the creation and memory of cues, integrating cue generation with other helpful techniques, and the cuesPeople produce a wide range (Tullis et al. 2018). Old memories always keep a person happy and colorful so this type of site which helps to easily remember a person about his old memories is very beneficial for any user who uses this site and stores their old photos in the online platform. 

Current Situation

In this section of the research the whole work is done by collecting the secondary data from the different websites, or many different articles. Which will help to get a proper knowledge to research on this topic? The topic is basically based on the memory cues, which is related to the old memory revisiting of the person and the getting an idea about the old days by using an online platform. The research used the old literature of the old researchers to get the proper idea about the topic. This topic is mainly to create an online platform where a person can store their old photos of family; friends etc. in the present days there are very few online platforms that store the memory of any person for a long time. The recollection surge refers to the tendency for individuals to remember more precise specific events from their teenage and early adulthood years than that from later life stages. There are several number of ideas that claim recollection surge events are to blame and these are are particularly sentimental, significant, or optimistic A different explanation proposes that cognition talents are at their peak performance during adolescence and early adulthood, which may result in these lifespan durations allow for the storage of much more recollections (Janssen, 2020). So this site is very helpful in this purpose to store the lifetime memory of a person on an online platform. This site is easily opened by creating an account by a user. A user can easily store their photos and the old memories by creating an account and for its safety a login password and user id is given by the website for the security of storing information of the user (Laing et al. 2019). So this type of online platform in the present days helps people to revise old memories. Suppose an old person in his old age wants to see the old memories of his family or achievements of his life. In that case this website easily helps the person to show the old photos of this person and make the person happy. In this current situation this type of online platform is rare so the researcher is trying to build this type of online platform to solve the problem about the memory of the old times (Mace et al.. 2019). Research about this topic takes help from the people and their friends, family or many old researchers. So the researcher properly identify and study about this topic and after that start the whole research and also study on this topic. So this part of the research totally depends on the secondary data collection to get a success in this research about the stored lifetime memory of a person's life (Kim et al.. 2022). The old memories are always colorful for any person which is understood by the researchers. Now a day this type of online platform is very less in the market, for that the demand about this storing the memory purpose is very high, so people are trying hard to find this type of online easy platform where the person can easily store the memory of the person lifetime situation (Zhang et al. 2021) A huge storing capacity and huge recovery memory is needed for this case so the present researcher are trying to implement this type of online platform to store the memory of a person for lifetime. Huge hardware space is needed in this case so the researcher or hardware developer might need to create a huge online storing memory for the users where the person can store his memory and any time when the person need it, he can show the old time memories by open this online platform by put the user id or password in this online platform.

Problem areas

During the research so many problems are coming and which were faced by the researchers. In the data collection process there are so many problems created because the collection of the data from the base level is very difficult. The discontinuation of the data has hampered the research process, the wrong data which have changed the total result of the research. It is also very critical situation for the researchers to get the proper result about the research topic. The major Problem of this research paper is the relevant source of Journals. As this topic is totally innovative researcher find few sources for the Memory cue generation. In this case other journals are reviewed and best method is proposed to eliminate this type of critical situation. There are also so many problems created during the total research like data implementation or any simulation part is told in the research. This topic actually talked about storing lifetime memories of people. So connecting properly with the people and getting the information which the users want to store is a very important and difficult part of this research. The users who store the photos in the online platform, there was a problem during the uploading time, if there any problem is created in the uploading so the data which are stored where may be crashed or uploading wrong for that the users cannot get the right output on their important time when the user wants to see the photos or any other. On the other side specific time and deadline is present and for this reason, researcher have to complete the project within the time as soon as possible. This is the major project so there are different obstacles are there which may affect the outcomes of the research. The engagement of the other researcher, wrong value etc. This is totally avoided in this research for the proper effectiveness of the research. This type of fidelity is obtained by the users in this website. There may a login problem. If any user wants to enter this site to store their memory so at first an account will be created by the user (Bellamy et al. 2018). When the user creates the account there some procedure will be followed step by step by the user, if the user can not follow the step so there is a problem to open the account in this website there is a big problem about the online platform is hacking problem which is a vital problem in the current situation. Now a day hacking is increased for that people are confused to store the memory in the online platform, this is a big problem for the users, if the data of the users are hacked for that the user facing a vital problem about his important data which is store in the online platform. So the users cannot get the satisfaction about this online platform. So in this situation there are so many problems are created about this online platform. many security service are used in this case to store the data safe for that higher amount is needed to provide a better security service for the online platform and the users can feel satisfied but according to security this problem is very vital now a day.

3.Key work during the next period


Total research depends on the secondary data collection methods. Throughout the research the data were collected from another research topic, website or many articles. And the total research is qualitative or quantitative data analysis so this follows the multi method. In the purpose of the research the researchers follow the rules which were getting from the article and the whole research is based on the secondary data method. So the research is full of information and also provides the right result for the users who store the data or the information in the online platform. Researchers collect the data from the base level and implement the data in the research process to get the right result in the research of storing the lifetime memories of the people. Researcher collect the information from different articles or scholars regarding the topic. As per the proposal plan, the collected data from the secondary sources is collected until 19th which took more time until 24th of July. Due to ethical consent some of the personas are being created as part of final output of website .For these personas ethical consent paper has been proceeding with the personas .For the proper information and data collection, follow-up interviews and investigations with the persona is being carried on till the 6th of august which change due to busy schedule of persona upto 13th of August and after that ethical consent will be send to supervisor for approval. After this process, we will write the report and our project should complete before the 29th of August.

Future work

Future technology can be designed on the basis of the software web design. This is the normal structure which defines the overall architecture and how this over all platforms will be worked. This innovative idea can be used in the other software design for the future purpose. This is also used as the memory storage and the old video footage cloud system.(Kim et al.. 2016). People in the present days are very busy with their work so there is not enough time to spend. Here this website is very useful to connect the people with their relatives circle and also give the benefits of video calling or the chatting purpose .After some years when the people stayed far from their family or the friend circle, in that time the person easily met with his family and spent their time seeing the old photos of the family, school life, college life, first achievement of the life, first trophy which was won by any competition like this. Memory cues enhanced comprehension affects the creation of lifelogging devices that autonomously record and retrieve the most useful memory cues to support overworked caregivers and individuals with episodic impairments of memory in relation to recall of episodes memory This is always a colorful memory. It also plays an important role by storing any documents by a photo type. Anywhere anytime the person falls in trouble there this photo type of documents might help the person to solve the situation, so many benefits are there in this online platform, but the main purpose of the website is to store the lifetime memories of the people. Different capture strategies are used by modern direct impact on the development systems to automatically record memory cues, including such digital photography, audio and video recording. (Lee et al. 2007) In old age a person can easily remember the old golden past by seeing those photos of his family, friends or many others. In the future this type of website could decrease the mental pressure of the people and keep those people happy by storing and showing the past memories. Supporting memory of recent experiences is a big part of what a caregiver for someone with “Alzheimer's disease (AD)” or other EMI “(episodic memory impairment)” has to do.

Background of study

Through an online platform, it covers peoples' lifetime memories. A user who visits this website can invite family members and friends to speak with them there. A person who is very old might suddenly want to see old family photos that were taken five or ten years ago. In this case, there is an opportunity to get his memory by following a few simple steps, and the person can easily get the old memories of his life. Another facility that is available on this website is video conference technology. People frequently recall their history in daily life, sometimes consciously and other times because ideas, other people, or things in their environment serve as reminders. Consider utilizing to read and share family memories on social media, or walking in the park and thinking back. Such remembering and considering personal experiences offers obvious mental advantages because memory is essential to their self-perception, identity, and self-expression and connect with others (Gennip et al.. 2015). A person has a variety of old memories, including those from their time in school, their time in college, their work environment, their memories of office supplies, and—most importantly—their family photos, which are the best and most priceless memories of their lives. For this reason, everyone tries to safeguard these memories for as long as possible.

Therefore, the website offers a possibility for someone to quickly access a happy memory and derive some emotional joy from it. For instance, a student or someone who is employed abroad might have a fleeting thought about his or her family during free time and feel compelled to talk to them. In this case, the person can visit the website where, for security reasons, there is a password-id system the user can access the website, register an account, and chat with his or her family after inputting the password. During this time, the person is free to visit their family if they so choose. There is no time limit while communicating with his relatives. Thus, by making use of this service, one can produce both a happy past and a bright future. Everyone keeps memories from their early years in particular. This recollection can make anyone happy at any time, making it impossible for a human to preserve those memories in their minds. In this situation, the website offers great benefits to users, who can also easily store their old school images and family photos here by following a few easy steps. A user must open an account on this website and enter certain information that is relevant to their personal information in order to utilize the facility. Once this is done, the process is complete.

Research aim

The term "research aim" refers to the primary objective or method of the investigation. Since a person may quickly review his or her past recollections and connect with friends and family by using a chat platform or video calling capabilities, the site's primary objective is to compile people's lifetime memories. Therefore, the fundamental objective of the research aim is to identify and fix the overall goal and purpose of the research Endeavour.

Research Objective

  • To cover the old lifetime memories of a person.
  • To connect the people by chat or video call in the leisure time of a person.
  • To store the old memories for a long time on an online platform.
  • To talk with relatives or friends in the sad or happy moments of a person.
  • To easily find the old photos on an online platform.
  • To share the happiness with family or friends in a person’s old age.
  • To connect a group of people by a video conference and make them happy in their free time.
  • To store some special memories.

Research Questions

  • How can memory be improved by using this website?
  • What are the benefits of using the online platform?
  • How can a person open an account on it? 

Research Rationale

Discuss the significance of the study or the rationale behind the researchers' choice of the subject in this section of the research. Therefore, the fundamental goal is to include all of a person's lifetime recollections (Kullberg et al. 2022). When working on this topic, scholars always consider the advantages. Accordingly, the researchers believe that there aren't any particular programmers or websites where a person can readily keep their previous memories for their lifetime and access them whenever they want. As a result, there were few websites that contained memories of a person's past lives, including their family, friends, and memorable occasions. As a result, the researchers are hardly attempting to find or develop a website at which a user can safely and permanently keep his photographs. Everyone is too busy with their own work nowadays, thus there is no free time for individuals to browse through the old photo albums to remember their prior experiences. There is an extremely minimal chance that an individual would remember their past memories since once in a while, a person easily forgets his recollections and then becomes distracted with their own lives at work. And it was quite difficult..

Research significance

The significance of the research is its importance. It refers to the purpose of the research, the findings, and the rationale behind the researcher's selection of the subject. As a result, the research topic chosen by the researchers is a crucial one. The urge to review memories is actually a necessity of human life. It is a crucial component of a person's entire existence. Fundamentally, memory cues are only useful if the actual memory can also be recognised as their source. Unique cues are not necessarily necessary; they can also be exemplars of a distinctive experience. The cues that one might anticipate based on the life experiences schemas are known as prototype cues. More specific and personally meaningful features of an experience are more recalled, and great memory triggers would have to be recognizable or at least vivid. To the degree to which technologies can automatically identify these future lifelogging systems can take advantage of these properties knowledge of effective memory signals to enhance which details selecting cues from a recorded experience to facilitate recurring memory. Those technologies have the capacity to do far more than just the memory-impaired person, but also to relieve a significant portion of the caregiver's responsibility in giving indicators of impaired memory recall (Lee et al. 2007). Unique cues are not necessarily necessary; they can also be exemplars of a distinctive experience. The cues that one might anticipate based on the life experiences schemas are known as prototype cues. Each person has a good and colorful memory during his entire life cycle because without the recollection of family, friends, and past events, one cannot survive. It is crucial to protect a person's lifetime memories so that they can be stored on an online platform and easily accessed whenever and wherever they want to examine images of their prior circumstances. Maintaining a person's mental wellbeing and happiness is crucial. An individual can add his favorite individuals to this website and communicate with them via chat and video calling. In this busy generation, this is a fantastic step toward reuniting people with family or friends. Thus, security was also preserved on this website. A user can access his account and upload all of his favorite moment’s images by using a unique password and user ID, which can make him happy.

Literature Review

Empirical Study

Memory & cues in cognitive psychology

Lifetime spans, broad occurrences lasting days to months, or event-specific information for actions lasting up to hours at most, everything may be retained, claims author Doménique. Memories either voluntarily or involuntarily come to mind. Therefore, evoking involuntary memories requires a variety of techniques, whether through concepts, actions, or extraneous objects. Psychological cues may affect future memory by affecting the recording or retrieval procedures, or by influencing both processes simultaneously. Results of research on the relationship between emotion and cognition imply that emotions may boost decoding through improved attentiveness and sensory perception (Hostler et al. 2018). Based on diary study, it has been found that unintended cueing happens anywhere between once and five times per day. Most of the time, the clues have been external, but others have been internal, contain only a few sensory signals, or offer no hints at all. Despite our ignorance of the cueing mechanism, it is assumed that a memory and a potential cue have a number of links. A observed object may aid in the recollection of a memory due to its singularity, relative frequency, regular repetition, or proximity to a very emotional event. Other brain functions, meanwhile, work together to change the effects of a cue: one could repeatedly look at a picture frame without being aware of any mental connections. Such revisionist history exemplifies the value of rewards as well as the ongoing stimulation of related memories. Some people have been more prone to unwittingly being aroused during routine activities, perhaps because they are more sensitive to stimuli.

Memory cues in interaction design

In addition to Doménique's linked study, it would like to highlight a few initiatives that have made use of interface design's potential for unintentionally cued memory. If a device is aware of personally relevant smells, fragrance is an uncommon but clear reflexive trigger that has the capacity to activate memories. For unexpected outcomes, many compositions use a probabilistic sampling method. The person's thoughts, memories, or perception may be favorably affected by the capturing activities. User choices about device settings were also collected to direct additional design iterations (Lu et al. 2020). Pensive looked into how people use digital memory by reminding them via email of old social media posts. The purpose of photos, a dining table picture projection system, is to promote conversation by displaying randomly selected images from social media feeds. Cue employed a similar technique to encourage conversation between parents and teenagers by randomly placing digital images on tactile objects.

Theories & Models

Here, the social cognitive theory is discussed and how it affects both personal experience and other people's behavior. According to the premise, a digital platform links people together. According to this approach, conduct is influenced by efficacy beliefs, result expectations, sociostructurally factors, and goals through specific causal pathways. This theory help to communicate people using online platforms and also giving the idea to store the old memories, images and videos permanently in this specific memory cues website and also give the security to this valuable memories of people and help to recapitulate their great memory (Beauchamp et al. 2019). Therefore, using this online platform makes it simple for people to communicate with one another. However, the most crucial aspect is the permanent storage of old images on this website. This idea makes it simple for people to recall their fondest recollections and to organize their prior lives. The main focus of these theories is on the site's objective, which is to store all of a person's lifetime memories. The second is on outcomes expectations, which are also crucial from a research perspective and can benefit a community. Finally, the whole process of creating the site and using it for storage is fantastic.

Literature Gap

Throughout their investigation, the researchers run into a number of issues. The correct data gathering prevents the entire research from acquiring a proper framework. Due to this study gap and the fact that not all samples were perfectly accurate and instructive, several issues were intentionally contrived to hinder the entire investigation. Therefore, issues are being faced by researchers. Due to the fact that this research is focused on secondary data collection, it is very challenging to gather data on the subject, and incorrect information can lead to incorrect conclusions regarding the research issue. Questions that go unanswered are worthless, and unfilled data sample tables cannot be filled. For the researcher, this erroneous information could be problematic. Personas will represent the final prototype of software but due to ethical concern all the outcomes of project may not come as expected. The research gap has been noted as a difficulty for this study's objectives.

Bibliography and

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