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Public Relation Assignment Sample

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Public Relation Assignment Sample


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Public relations are considered as managing perceptions of other persons about a particular person, company, and brand Advertising traverses numerous scholastic disciplines. Its job is to take apart and fundamentally inspect their significant components and apply them rationally to proficient practice. Advertising requirements to prepare components from the extraordinary assortment of scholarly work that as of now exists and make an interpretation of that work into techniques appropriate for expert use ( Watts, R. 2006). The podcast of the study includes a conversation between an interviewer and fan of loose ends band from the UK. The podcast helps to create a positive perception among people about a particular person, company, or brand. The study also encloses a cover letter, press release, and audit message. Additionally, an introductory part and a conclusion are also added to the study. Collectively, these will provide needed information identifying the problem for public relation.


Biography of Loose Ends

As per the biography of Loose Ends the band is considered as one of the top urban contemporary trio and British dance in 1980. The band was formed in London, UK and known as Loose Ends. The band consisted of three different members such as Carl McIntosh, Steve Nichol, and Jane Eugene. The band’s “Hanging on a string” topped the chart of R & B in 1985 and repeatedly achieved several rewards and became well known (Forbes, 2019). The band used to make soothing songs with nostalgic feelings of 80s that people of the generation.

This band launched 5 albums and with that album, they rose in the US with half a dozen of top 40 singles albums in the United Kingdom alongside 6 topmost R and B tracks in the United States. They launched songs like “Hanging on a string” in 1984, “Slow down” in 1986, and also the song of the band named “watching you” rose to number the top 2 in the rhythm and blues charts in the year 1988. He created his group from Hackney in 1981 with his common friends and they got spotted by the US agency, then this group with recognition moved to the United States to produce the music albums. However, due to some uncertainties, the group separated and Carl continued to work alone which provided him the opportunity to work alone. Alongside launch single music which made him one of the greatest known singers among R and B artists of this era. He is been living in London now in the Borough of Lewisham for the past 30 years.

He was originally from West Indies origin as his parents belong to West Indies community and his father didn’t like British music and he was completely against the British music. However, Carl was focused on learning guitar at school with his friends and learned singing in church which made him a way to create his first group. He created uptown people and describe it as a childhood school club that had a great impact on his career. Furthermore, he started his career in the industry as a bass player and he incorporated the style of artists consisting of Stanley Clarke and others.

Purpose of Audit Message

The audit is aimed at identifying and deconstructing existing messaging surrounding Carl McIntosh and his band Loose Ends for understanding their position in terms of how they are perceived by the public. In order to conduct the audit for identifying and determining position, different tools will be used and applied in the audit including story structure, sentimental analysis, and keyword analysis for identifying the exact position. The audit will firstly start with the story structure of fans, and followed by this sentimental analysis will be

Performed on those fans feeling based on loose ends band. In order to perform sentimental analysis Brand 24’s analysis, Semrush’s analysis, and Uber Suggest’s analysis will be applied.

PR audiences for Loose Ends

The audience of Carl McIntosh includes millennials and Generation Z and in order to understand buyers and personal off wire has been created and provided below. 

Carl McIntosh has targeted an audience from Generation Z and millennials who believe that everything changes over time and they also want things to change but they do not want to change themselves. Audience from the generation is reaching out to the past and wants to learn from their past rather than moving over the past and expecting and wanting uncertainty in the present and future. 

An audience that Carl McIntosh targeted includes those who are welcoming change but at the same time learning from their past including their failures and success stories and rewriting stories inspired from the past for a successful future.

Profile of Generation Z


Generation Z in majority cases faces issues such as anger issues, emotional attachments, stress and work pressure in their regular lifestyles. The band used to create soothing music and lyrics that heal the pain of generation Z. 

The journey is of Self Discovery and the audience is the one that is essentially doing the same thing as Carl McIntosh (Camacho and Menchero, 2021). So Carl Mcintosh is their guide and they are the hero in the current story telling.

Profile of Millenial


Millennial face several issues in recent years such as addiction and others. They face debt issues, unemployment, economic issues and others. The band tends to support emotions of the people and help them to overcome their regular issues.


The journey is of Self Discovery and the audience is the one that is essentially doing the same thing as Carl McIntosh (Camacho and Menchero, 2021). So Carl Mcintosh is their guide and they are the hero in the current story telling.



24 year old

Student and employee

Wants to become artist 

Prefers R&B music genre over all other options available 


Listens to R&B music regularly 

Get inspired by his favouriteartists

Identifying new music and artists and supporting them

Staying updated with 


Relating to favourite artists

Getting new music to listen to


Listening to same music over and over

Difficulty in findings music that he likes



Music instruments

Ability to recognise good music and scope for improving music 




Message auditL Story structure

The story structure tells about the brand promotion how the fans react and change their life and influence by their guide (artist loose ends band )(Dr.JJ peterson 2019).

Hero- Fans of R&B music and the public along with the generation that and millennials are the hero in the story.

Guide- The mentor of the band Loose Bands is Carl McIntosh who has created inspiring music and is believed to be very humble as a celebrity in the industry. Carl McIntosh is respected by all those individuals who are working with him and is appreciated well. The singer and songwriter wish to inspire the new generation, specifically generation Z and millennials with his music.

Victim- In this story, victims are those who are listening to the band from the 80's and 90's and Loose Ends, and Carl McIntosh has been admired and liked by those individuals. Fans of the band have believed that the band is that and the singer in the band specifically Carl McIntosh is retired by now. There are many fans and listeners are from80's and 90's who want to hear revivals of R&B and Soul Music. The band has created some very good music in these genres, and because of this those who have heard and listened to the music of the Band might not like music from other Singers and bands in this genre.

 Stakes- Something that is at stake is the livelihood and admiration of Carl McIntosh as well as the reputation of the music genre in which they have performed and created their music in case it is not liked and accepted by new age people.

Villain- The villain in the story is the time and gap between the music industry and Loose Ends and Carl McIntosh. In this time gap, they have been forgotten by many people and there is significant competition in the industry by those who have created music and performed in the time when the band was away from the industry. Along with this, the singer and band have also not been in connection with their fans and people making it a thing of the past.

Journey- The gap between industry and singer has created a requirement and which they need to start from the initial level and ensure that they are being accepted and liked by the new and old public. This is because there are several options for people to listen to when did do not like the music of one artist they are capable of easily moving on to other artists.

Victory- Being able to ensure that the singer and band are being known and accepted in the public is a success for the band. However in order to gain victory singer and band needs to ensure that they are well-liked and known in the industry and admired by people of the new age the way they were admired by people listening to them in the 80's and 90's.

2) Confusion in the current PR storytelling about who is in the band currently: This needs to be addressed 

There are certain problems that have been identified in the PR of Carl McIntosh in which one of the important problems is message problem where the singer is relating with the name of his former band which is not working and existing at this time. 

Along with this, there is also a message problem where Carl McIntosh states that relating to the former band is part of giving tribute to the band. This creates message problems and confusion in the PR of Carl McIntosh. 

This is because when the singer associates him with the previous band it gives the message that the band is returning while in reality the singer is creating and releasing music by himself without being associated with any band or artist. In case he brings some new artist with him in the creation of new music associating himself with the previous band creates confusion that members of the previous band will join him in new music. 

It can be said that there is a message problem and another problem is of visibility and exposure of the artist as well as his art. There are many options easily available to people whom they can listen to when they are not accessing and getting any music from a particular singer. 

This is the reason that the get has created the problem and there is a requirement of increasing visibility and conversation about the singer for making the comeback successful.


Feel-good story

The band used to make soothing music and feel-good lyrics that can help people to relax. Generation Z tends to be emotional, stressed, and easily distracted to external stimuli such as good music, addictions, and other things. Stressed and tired people of this generation use to listen to relaxing songs of the band to be relaxed and get a feel-good feeling after tiresome days. 

Sentiment Analysis

Sentimental analysis is concerned with contextual mining of text with help of which a business can understand the sentiment of their brand and conversations about the brand. Sentiment analysis of the Carl McIntosh and Loose Ends will help in understanding the perception of public and music listeners to word the singer and band(Yadav, A., &Vishwakarma, D. K. 2020).

A sentimental analysis of the brand of Carl McIntosh will be done through the application of different tools. These tools include-

Brand 24 Analysis

Brand 24 is a tool that helps in mentions of a brand and keyboard on different online channels and the internet. In other words, Brank 24 is a social monitoring application that helps in identifying how many times a brand has been mentioned on the internet to determine perception as well as engagement with a brand in online engagement. 

Brand 24 analysis of Carl McIntosh indicates that public and potential business for the band have no opinion about the band which is not a good indicator. Brand 24 collects data from Twitter where McIntosh has been mentioned in articles and the singer also has a social media profile on Facebook which is not used as a business tool but as a personal profile. 

The profiles of the singer on any of the social media platforms are not being used as a professional tool but are a way to stay connected with friends and family like all the other people. 

However social media profiles of the singer are also not private to maintain privacy. Messages on the profiles of Carl McIntosh are limited but express a positive perception of people towards him when he is seen as approachable and mentor.

Considering the existing position of Carl McIntosh it is very important that he works on regulating his image as a singer and well-known artist in the industry. 

In addition to this Carl McIntosh should also work on creating a brand of himself and present himself in a way that he wishes to be perceived by people as Carl McIntosh or Loose Ends.

Hashtags and keywords used

In an online presence hashtags and keywords are very important elements specifically for a brand that wants to attract people toward them. 

However, Carl McIntosh has not used and applied any kind of hashtag on his social media profiles and Publications. At the time of publishing articles, hashtags and keywords are used by singers. 

Some of the hashtags found after SEO search are Looseends, R&B, music, empowerpeople, and cmcintosh.

Recommended keywords and hashtags: 

It is important to use hashtags and keywords for the singer when they post any content and a public Facebook account should be used for posting relevant information about their work and art which can be accessed through the use of hashtags and keywords. 

Some of the recommended hashtags and keywords are #newr&b #carlmacintosh, #cmcinstosh, #r&bmusic, and #80sagain.

Semrush Analysis

Semrush is also an important tool for sentiment analysis and it is an All-in-One tool for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights for a brand. With help of Semrush brands can work on different things including SEO, PPC, SMM, keyword research, and competitive research along with PR and content marketing. Semrush analysis was performed for Carl McIntosh and Loose Ends. Insights from the analysis included important and useful information such as trend graph and global volume analysis for keyword and hashtag chosen and applied to search for Carl McIntosh and Loose Ends. Results were collected to determine the position of the client on the internet and it was found that singer and went is more talk on Twitter than any other social media platform like Facebook and Instagram.

Uber Suggest

Uber suggest is a free extension to Chrome and is a strong SEO tool through which the brand can identify keyword monthly search volume, CPC, and competition data. This helps in getting about the query on Google and other sites like YouTube Amazon and many others. Ubersuggest was also performed for Carl McIntosh and Loose Ends and indicate that website was not providing any useful insight about the position of the singer on the internet. Similarly, it was not suitable and useful for sentiment analysis of the brand. However, it provided insights about keywords that are used by the public when they are searching for Carl McIntosh.

Digital analysis

EAT algorithm depends on certain factors such as authority, trust, and expertise that help to boost content fit with the topic. Current positive scenarios of the chosen band suggest that loose ends stories are not effectively pushed by EAT algorithm and the story needs to be shaped by the algorithm. The client is an employee as well as student and a fan of the band. Algorithm of the band shows that it needs to boost its content to fit with clients’ demands.


Algorithm, insights, scenarios, content, bonding, followers, fans, sentiment

Key phrases

Digital media, political decisions, mentioned actions, less in social media, social media presence, and action regarding the fans feelings .


1) PR Message Problems

SEO and sentimental analysis of Carl McIntosh indicates that the singer has been stayed away from the industry and has been forgotten over past years. The band is currently is not active and fails to create music in present years. On the other hand, band members are working with other bands and helping new musicians to build their career in this industry. 


It can be concluded that the podcast refers to an effective way to connect target people and audiences for creating awareness about a particular matter. PR tends to focus on maintaining positive corporate images while managing media requests and inquiries of shareholders. Based on the above discussion, it can be concluded that sentimental analysis through different tools indicates that the singer has equal to no visibility on the internet. It is very important that actions are taken for bringing him into the conversation and make people aware of the singer and his new compositions or creations in R&B music. Regarding this, recommendations were also provided through which PR problems can be solved.


Based on the analysis of Carl McIntosh through SEO and Sentimental Analysis, it can be said that there is a significant PR problem and visibility problem for an artist. Based on this, it is recommended that Carl McIntosh should disassociate himself from the previous band. 

The reason is that it is creating messaging problems and confusion among the audience. For increasing visibility, it is recommended that social media should be used as a professional tool rather than the personal platform. 

It is also recommended that the positive image and reputation of the singer should be used for creating a conversation about the singer and making him more visible and in conversation. 

Associating himself with existing artists for creating conversation and visibility is also a way through which Carl McIntosh can become popular and successful.

 Furthermore, doing small yet impactful PR acts can be very beneficial for the singer to become part of the conversation and become popular again in the young generation and those who have forgotten him over years.

Journalists list

The journalist play an important role in the public relation to show the talent of the artist to their fan and give all details about their upcoming projects .

The list has been shown below about the journalist of Loose Ends, those shows interest in the band (Kitterman, 2021)

Name of Journalist


Contact details

Bryson “Boom” Paul

Freelance Journalist and Urban Writer

@kaboombryson (On Twitter and Instagram)

Angie Greaves

Radio presenter and presented “Angie Greaves Music Show”

@AngieGreaves (On Twitter)

Lilly Singh

Talk show host


Keithan Samuels

Founded Rated R&B and PR specialist 

@iamKeithan (On Twitter and Instagram)

Danielle Brissett

Writer at Rated R&B

@the.determined.one (on Instagram)

Anders Hare

Contributor at Rated R&B

@Anders J. Hare (LinkedIn)

Antwane Folk

Editorial assistant at Rated R&B

@iam_antwane(On Twitter and Instagram)

Nelson George

Music and culture critic and author and columnist 

@nelsongeorge (On Twitter)

Brinton Flowers

Multimedia specialist

@radiochamp (On Instagram)

@Radio_Champ (On Twitter)


Anchor for Local 4 News Today

@evrodcassimy (On Twitter and Instagram)

Jennifer Lucy Allan

Musicologist, writer and radio presenter.


Steve Beebee

Journalist, author and broadcaster

@SteveBeebee (LinkedIn)

Bill Brewster (DJ)

Writer and disc jockey

(@djhistory) (Twitter)

David Cairns

Journalist, non-fiction writer and musician

(@David_S_Cairns) / Twitter

Cliff Jones 

Musician, songwriter, record producer, journalist and educator

(@ceocliffjones)/Instagram and 

 (@Cliff_Jones11) / Twitter

Danny Kelly

Music journalist and internet publisher

(@DannyBKelly) / Twitter

Chris Charlesworth

Music journalist and author

Chris Charlesworth/LinkedIn

David Hepworth

Music journalist and writer

@davidhepworth/ Twitter

Allan Jones

Music journalist and editor

LinkedIn @allenjones

Paul Lester

Music journalist and broadcaster

(@paullester22) / Twitter

Cover letter

Dear GunseliYalcinkaya

Greetings of the day, I believe you are really busy so keeping this to point, I am from ABC PR and Marketing. Our company is engaged in providing services in the field of marketing and PR for businesses and individuals. Having worked with multiple companies and successfully we have a very successful track record. We are writing this to connect with you in relation to our upcoming PR campaign for the Loose Ends music band.

You are actively engaged in writing about films and music and have written about come back of Loose Ends music band. We believe this might to you and here are some of the key points about come back of Loose Ends music band:

The band is coming with music for young generation listeners and has a focus to create a fan base in millennial and generation Z listeners.

The band will release its music through audio streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

First comeback music is likely to be released in the month of April.

In order to provide details, below is a complete press release. Feel free to contact and reach back to us anytime in case you wish to know anything more and get more information.

I believe you must be very busy and might miss this, so we will reach back to you.

Thank you

Press Release

Looking forward to the next move of Loose Ends 

Loose ends coming back to make ties with new age music listeners

The popular band of the 80s and 90s is coming back with new music for the young generation to inspire the age listeners and create a huge fan base in new age listeners. The R&B band is coming with some new work and music in its genre. It has huge reputation and audience from generation z and millennial appreciate it due to its soothing music. The band is coming back in the digital and technological era so following new rules; it will release its music through different audio streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube to connect with a large number of listeners. As earlier two musicians left the band, now the band is coming with Carl McIntosh, Laurneá, Wilkersonm, Linda Carriere, and Sunay Suleyman. Carl McIntosh is the original founder of the band and he is currently helping new musicians. The band is now focusing on to release its music and wants to play in several online media. The band will launch its music in the month of April and will be released through different audio streaming platforms and video of the music will be released through YouTube.

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