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Starting A Business And Fundamentals Assignment Sample

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Starting A Business And Fundamentals Assignment Sample

Introduction: Starting A Business And Fundamentals

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About the business

The main systemic aspect of the business =is to serve the consumers different types of herbal teas as well as snacks. The growing health as well as wellness trend in the worldwide marketplace the global tea market especially herbal tea also seems to be rapidly increasing. Most importantly, the main reason for that appears to be the fat-burning properties of herbal teas and these sequentially contributed to the rapidly growing demand. Thereby the proposed business (“Herbal Garden Cafe”) is going to offer herbal teal along with healthy organic as well as healthy snacks and the indoor plants are going to be there along with a native Indian vibe. The main reason is that the raw materials of herbal tea are going to be directly imported from India because India manufactures a wide range of herbals.


The vision of "Herbal Garden Cafe" is to provide the best quality tea as well as the best experience for the consumers. Aside from that, the cafe is going to be committed towards the consumers as well as taking care of the planet. On the other hand, the main mission of the company is to unite the consumer with a fondness for the quality of the products as well as the services. The long-term vision is to become the leading herbal tea chain business by offering healthy herbal teas at pocket-friendly prices.


The main objective of “Herbal Garden Cafe” is to establish common as well as general policy contracts with the authorised officials of the EU as well as the representatives of other similar organisations. Furthermore collaborating with them in order to systematically maintain sustainable operations in the United Kingdom and thereafter in the worldwide marketplace.


The goal of the company is to make herbal teas that can systematically enrich the health of the consumer as well as the environment. On the other hand, reason can refresh the mind as well as the soul of the consumer and thereby achieve the utmost level of consumer satisfaction.

Background and expertise of the business

The expertise of “Herbal Garden Cafe” is to serve herbal tea to the consumer that tastes good and helps ease stress, and make herbal tea a popular beverage. Herbal tea contains a lot of flavonoids and antioxidants. They may offer anti-cancer and anti-ageing properties, making them a healthier choice. types of herbal tea which will be available in the café are the following, Elaichi tea, Tulsi tea, Lemon and honey tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Honey and Ginger tea, Karupatti tea, Hibiscus herbal flower tea, and many more (Melia Famiola, 2021) On the other hand, the cafe is going to serve healthy and organic snacks, alongside customers can get a soothing environment inside the café which will be filled with indoor plants, dim warm yellow lights as well as in the background Indian classical music. This appears to be) focused to give customers a native vibe of Indian land while sipping the herbal tea.

SWOT analysis of “Herbal Garden Cafe”


 Focus on the quality


Unique concept


Concentration risk over the single category

Highly fragmented marketplace

New to Market


Good awareness about the product among consumers

Huge demand in the marketplace

Value added products


More popular substitutes like juice

Product less oriented to youth

Highly competitive marketplace

Table 1: SWOT analysis of “Herbal Garden Cafe”

SWOT analysis of “Herbal Garden Cafe”


"Herbal Garden Cafe" is going to aesthetically focus on the quality of the herbal tea along with focusing on the layout of helping the consumers to mitigate the barriers of obesity and stay fit. Most importantly, the company is also going to focus on the layout of diversified operations as well as functions. For example, the consumer can choose between herbal aspects such as ginger, basils, bay leaves and many others and as per the requirement of the consumer the tea can be customised by maintaining the standard healthy norms (Frigerio et al. 2021). Moreover, in the marketplace of the United Kingdom, there may be various cafes however, “Herbal Garden Cafe” is going to implement a unique concept that is offering a diverse range of tea such as almond tea, tulsi tea, honey tea, lemon tea and many more.


The "Herbal Garden Cafe" is going to offer only one category which is herbal tea as well as healthy diet foods which may not be attractive for the school as well as college-going youth. This can be said because the college, as well as school-going youths of the United Kingdom, appears to prefer fancy beverages as well as coffees rather than healthy herbal tea. Moreover, the marketplace appears to be highly fragmented because the raw materials are directly going to be imported from India. Thereby, as per the viewpoint of Hallak et al. (2021), it can create various obstacles in the layout of maintaining a smooth as well as a stable supply chain. On the other hand, the “Herbal Garden Cafe” is going to launch in the market newly and the competitors in the marketplace seem to be backed financially as well already targeted the consumers.


The global pandemic appears to have made people prioritise their respective health as compared to other spectrums. Thereby the consumers appear to be looking for a place to have healthy as well as tasty products. Accordingly, it can be considered to be the most aesthetic opportunity for the cafe to launch and attract the attention of a huge audience. The products that are going to be launched in the marketplace are going to be focused on adding value for the consumers and it tends to deliver significant health benefits for the consumers. 


The main threat for the cafe appears to be the substitute products such as healthy juices as well as healthy packed beverages. Moreover, consumers can easily carry the juices from one place to another however, teas cannot be carried from one place to another. On the other hand, as per the viewpoint of Dia?iková and Kubi?ková, (2021), the shelf life of healthy beverages is also more as compared to healthy tea. This makes the product less compatible with the youths of the country and in addition to that the youths prefer fancy drinks as compared to healthy teas.

Analysis of the market

4P’s of “Herbal Garden Cafe”


The product of “Herbal Garden Cafe” is going to be herbal teas and deliver the consumers significant healthy teas. Along with the consumers can opt for the freshly baked finger sandwich, with avocado, salmon, raggi and many other healthy options. However, there won't be any kind of deep-fried or spicy articles which appears to be unhealthy in nature. Most importantly from the available options consumer can customise as per their taste buds. Moreover, the consumer can enjoy the fresh oxygen inside the cafe because of the indoor plants planted inside the cafe. This may help the cafe to gain hold of the differentiating position in the intensified marketplace. 


The main focal point of the “Herbal Garden Cafe” is going to provide significant services as well as products to consumers at effective prices by considering price as a delicate matter. The interior of the company is built by maintaining a cool cosy atmosphere full of indoor plants. This can help to boost the perceived valuation of “Herbal Garden Cafe” and the price of normal basil tea is going to be 1 pound. Furthermore, as per the needs as well as the customisation, the price of the tea is also going to vary. 


At the initial tenure, the setup location is going to be the United Kingdom thereafter making a place for the brand presence in the global marketplace. Moreover, the first targeted place of the cafe is going to be near a shopping place so that the premium products can be easily sold (SAZON, 2022). Moreover, in general in shopping malls, the food junctions appear to be full of unhealthy junk foods. Thereby the cage can gain market differentiation, as well as consumers, may also get attracted due to its uniqueness.


In order to systematically carry out promotion in the initial state promoting the products over social media rather than paid advertisement appears to be the better option. As per the viewpoint of SAZON, (2022), this can be said because paid investments may require huge financial aspects however, social media promotion can attract new consumers with fewer finances.

Investment and financing opportunities

At the initial tenure gathering, aesthetic opportunities for financing can be a serious aspect for the business however, in order to gather finances the best aspect can be crowd funding or equity investment.

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