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Unit 12 � Organisational Behaviour Assignment Sample

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Unit 12 � Organisational Behaviour Assignment Sample


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A major part of this paper is devoted to organizational behaviour, which is the study of how employees interact with each other in the organization. The first section investigates how organizational culture, politics, and power are intertwined, as well as potential remedies. The ideas of Maslow, Herzberg, as well as other team development theories will be examined in this section to assist corporate employee run more efficiently. Teams are more efficient and well-coordinated as a consequence. The following principles and theories may be used to boost motivation and effectiveness (Nuckcheddy, 2018). Tesco's motivational theories will also be discussed as a way to motivate employees to achieve significant profits.

Part 1

“Analysing the organisation culture, politics and power influence individual team and behaviour and performance”

The influence of culture on a company has been studied by academics, but it has been difficult to determine the exact degree to which culture impacts each component. Employee politics may greatly impact the culture of a company (Ainet al.,  2022). Power and authority are the capacity of a leader to influence others. A manager's capacity to motivate and inspire his or her staff is one of the most crucial qualities he or she may possess. In addition to force and specialist knowledge are elements of legitimacy. Certain managers who have shown their authority at work have exacerbated this issue (Paais and Pattiruhu, 2020). Higher-ranking persons seem to have the same success in deceiving others as they have in real power. One may make a compelling argument that power has moral and ethical ramifications. In the workplace, individual and group behaviour, as well as output, are all affected by politics. A company's culture may be divided into four categories dependent on the nature of the job, the operation, the authority, and the individuals involved. A company's culture encourages an open mind and willingness to explore things (Urinov, 2020). Because of this, businesses are better able to communicate with individuals from all backgrounds and learn about their fundamental needs in the market as a whole. When a company's cultural diversity expands, there are a number of challenges that need to be addressed.

Power culture 

In a power culture, employees should be encouraged to be trustworthy and reliable since the organizational structure forces them to do so. Rules and regulations must be established in order for a corporation to be flexible (Ritaet al., 2018). Everyone in the workplace has a sense of belonging to a larger community. Managers at Tesco have a significant impact on how their staff behave. It benefits the organization when it comes to flexibility. Employee loyalty and flexibility are two qualities that might help improve a company's quality and efficiency.

Person culture

Individualism and skill are hallmarks of the individual's culture. To function effectively in this environment, personnel must be allowed the freedom to do so on their own terms. There are also some norms and regulations in this culture. In today's environment, there are only so many employments that can be found. Managers may take advantage of the effect this culture has on their employees (Aguinis, Jensen and Kraus, 2021). It will be much simpler for managers to keep track of what their employees are doing. A strong company culture allows employees to focus on what they do best.

Task culture 

Professional expertise and knowledge may be obtained in persons who work in this kind of workplace. There is nothing that can stop them from taking on any task that may arise. Their dedication to getting the job done effectively is marked by an evident sense of urgency. Despite this, individuals have a strong belief in the power of actual outcomes. Workers care more about the finished product than they do about following to laws (Liu, Fisher, and Chen, 2018). Managers may well have a significant influence on their staff by adopting the corporate culture of Tesco.

Organizational politics 

Politics may affect employee behaviour. Politics influences personal relationships and workplace conduct. Power influences employee behaviour. Tesco's most powerful and wealthy managers want to engage with workers is natural (Short, McKenny and Reid, 2018). Improved communication also improves interdepartmental cooperation. Colleague connections may effect employees' behaviour and output. Being open and honest with workers helps managers find answers. Face-to-face encounters with co-workers and supervisors are beneficial. These folks can grow. Management may utilize any technique to get the most from employees. Political gamesmanship at work might affect employee productivity (Davidescuet al., 2020). Employees that indulge in name-calling and non-cooperation have a negative impact on productivity and on the company's public image. The capacity to fulfill responsibilities is directly proportional to one's level of power (Nguyen et al., 2019). Brand as well as culture are damaged by inefficient use of electricity.

Organizational behavior may have been hurt by the paradigm's focus on getting rid of uncertainty (Uhl-Bien, Piccolo and Schermerhorn Jr, 2020).Well-defined standards boost workplace efficiency. When it comes to whether they prefer to work alone or in groups, people have varying p

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