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Creative Content Assignment Sample

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Creative Content Assignment Sample


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ASOS plc is a British online fashion and cosmetic retailer company founded in London in 2000. ASOS plc mainly aimed to attract the young generation through various products and services. Moreover, ASOS plc has its websites to sell over 850 brands and various accessories and clothes. Moreover, ASOS plc has its shipping over 196 countries from the UK to the USA and Europe (ASOS plc.com, 2022). ASOS plc is known for its variety of clothes and design imitations of film actors and actresses [refer to appendix 2]. 

Additionally, the company has more than 4,000 workers or employees. The company has its customer service centre based in Leavesden. The company's largest stakeholder is "the Danish company Bestseller A/S" with a share of about 26%. Later, the company launched its partnership with “Luna Fresh Handmade Cosmetics” in June 2021 (ASOS plc.com, 2022). 

The overall business of ASOS plc is done with digital marketing, and they have a huge source and attraction among the people of the UK. It can be seen that social media marketing is a powerful tool that provides a huge craze for business development. People and customers can gain various knowledge and information from social media platforms, and according to that, they can make their choices. However, ASOS plc implemented social media for their business development and further business expansion (ASOS plc.com, 2022). 

It can be started from the above study that ASOS plc has various competitors present in the market, who continuously provide competition to them. Among them, some of the top competitors of ASOS plc are Tesco, Amazon, Boots, and Debenhams. 

Content plan

Message architecture

ASOS plc uses a message architecture framework to share their confidential and valuable message to their hierarchy and other employees. These kinds of frameworks help ASOS plc develop their business and reduce the level of distress and miscommunication. According to Fahy and Jobber (2019), by applying these kinds of frameworks policies, ASOS plc maintains its superior and ethics properly. Message architecture being a part of documented content strategy provides a message that proactive transparency is maintained with all the stakeholders such as employees, customers and investors.

Content marketing plan

ASOS plc uses the “STP marketing concept” in identifying their potential customers and target audiences to provide their services and goods (Bagnied, 2022). The target audiences are needed because they help in developing an appropriate marketing strategy that is effective in nature. A proper messaging strategy can be crafted by ASOS easily which will only be directly appealed to the target customers only. However, it can be said that the “STP” marketing concept will help them focus on their consumers and develop products according to them. Moreover, ASOS plc uses the “digital marketing strategy” to develop their business in the future and meet the needs of their consumers. According to Berman and Thelen (2018), using the “digital marketing strategy” provides effective help to identify the real needs and provides a huge platform to satisfy the customers. The STP model that is used by ASOS is known as audience-based aspect rather than product-based to marketing communications which is responsible for delivering relevant messages related to appealing to audiences. 

Measuring plan

In this section, ASOS plc has maintained two sections for better management of practices and developing the business. Further, ASOS plc has implemented two sub-sections under which they can manage their business and create more revenue for their business. This sub-section further includes internal and external planning related to the business. 

The internal section of ASOS plc will deal with both cost and non-cost factors to deal with the business. Under the internal non-cost section, ASOS plc will discuss its overall policy of designing its dresses and costumes (Heinze, 2021). This will provide effective help to them in identifying the exact cycle required for developing their products. Further, it can be said that through this internal non-cost, ASOS plc will get knowledge on the particular percentage of revenue that they will be required at the delivery time of the product. Moreover, this will help ASOS plc identify the exact number of manufacturing products (Huang and Rust, 2021). This will help them to meet the needs of the consumers. In internal cost factors, ASOS plc will deal with the overall design cost required at production time. They will better understand the manufacturing and material costs required to develop costumes. This will effectively help ASOS plc in dealing with the required revenue for their business.

In the external non-cost section, ASOS plc will deal with the original number of buyers present in the market. This will help them identify their potential customers among them (Khamdamova and Matchanova, 2020). Further, this will help ASOS plc deal with the complaints obtained from their customers and mitigate those for better service. Additionally, it can be seen that the external non-cost section will help ASOS plc identify its exact market share in the market. This will help them effectively run their business and curb their competition present in the market. 

Further, in the external cost section, ASOS plc deals with various competitive cost positions of their products in response to other competitors present in the UK markets. However, this kind of service and identification of competitors in the market will help them gain advantages over other companies and businesses (Martynenko, 2018). This will later help the company identify their relative R&D expenditure related to their costume design.

However, through the comprehensive report, it can be seen that the STP marketing strategy and digital tools provide effective help to ASOS plc in developing their business and spreading awareness to worldwide nations (Perevozova et al. 2020). These kinds of processes and matrices will provide effective help to ASOS plc in obtaining their goals with effective time management. 

Critical discussions and evaluations of your content marketing plan

Content marketing is the new age of marketing which includes several effective ways for including the content writing approach for having major control of different elements (Baltes, 2017). Strategy-based approach for initiating content marketing and inclusion of other additional features is necessary for major control of the growth. However, the content marketing plan emphasizes some elements (Vinerean, 2017). They are the content itself, technology included in the content, usability, the level of customer engagement for the content and interaction with customers. The constituted plan thus has both some advantages and disadvantages. Content marketing is considered to be an important aspect for the business, such as ASOS, as it assists in answering all the queries of the customers, improving conversation, and developing trust. 


The content here is the main idea and based on the content, the whole marketing strategy depends. Thus, including these elements has been necessary to maintain major control of every element. Assessment of the base of content is thus necessary for ASOS. Preparation of other strategies is also essential (Pulizzi and Barrett, 2019). One advantage of content marketing is that the brand's positioning can be achieved through content marketing which is way simpler than the other established ways. The establishment of the brand according to the conventional way is to be achieved through complex ways. As per the view of Yaghtin et al. (2020), a primary assessment of the market is to be completed, which can be enlisted for determining the type of new content that can be included for increasing the brand value of the company. A clear definition of the problem-solving approach is important to consider for having major control of these elements (Wang and Chan-Olmsted, 2020). Proper assessment of these factors is essential to consider. Thus, maintenance and engagement with customers are easy to achieve through content marketing. The way of media value proposition can also be created through the assessment of these elements. As opined by Dzamic and Kirby (2018), researching the audience will enable the brand to mark specific types of information demanded by the audience. Creating value is one of the important aspects which are supportive of creating value in the lives of the customers. Thus, through creating value in the lives of the customers, additional aspects are also to be regarded for having major control of all these works. Thus, with progressing time, the addition of customers is possible to make for having major control of all these elements.

However, there are some disadvantages to this process. There are two aspects that are to be considered. Firstly, there is the nature and demand of the customer and secondly, the rivals of the markets (Lieb, 2017). More concentration on the competitors will create obstacles. At the time of assessment of the market, it is possible to include different approaches within the system. There are different steps that are to be performed for the perfect strategy of content writing are setting goals, targeting audiences, and checking inventory comparing with competitors. In addition to this, making application of content management systems such that the content can be easily managed, planning for topics, as well as measuring the success of content marketing strategy. 


Technical support is necessary, and the right application of technology will bring the right fruit to the place. The advantage of technical inclusion in content marketing is that market research can be conducted in an efficient manner (Du Plessis, 2017). Though the investment remains similar in almost every scope, the time is saved to some extent which is to be regarded. More analysis can be conducted within less time, and more information about the consumers and customers can be availed for having major control of several elements. As opined by Pa�?rait? and Gedvilait? (2018), there lies another disadvantage of this process. Wrong and inefficient assessment tools have decreased the efficiency, and inclusion of these elements has been important to consider for having major control of all these elements. Measurement of ROI of the content in a proper way is also to be considered for having major control of these elements (Balio and Casais, 2021). Thus, the production of technically supportive content and the right assessment approach is thus important to consider for having major control of these elements. 


The creation of value is the main theme that is to be considered for having major control of these elements. Proper association with these aspects is necessary. The usability of the content is to be measured (Yaghtin et al. 2020). The content, both in its visual and written form, has to be customer friendly. The meaning of the content is user friendly and of high usability. The construction of easy interfaces is the other obstacle that is to be mitigated for having major control of the work. Maintenance of desired technical aspects along with quality inclusion is difficult to achieve (Wang and Chan-Olmsted, 2020). Thus the construction of an easy interface with supporting features of ranking in the respective area is to be included, which is another disadvantage of the process.

Customer engagement 

Maintenance of consistency along with efficiency is hard to achieve. The advantage here is that a consistent approach will be effective, and within less time, customer engagement can be built through the assessment of these elements (Dzamic and Kirby, 2018). Maintenance of proper communication and inclusion of all the elements which will create scope for further improvement is also essential to have major control of these elements. The disadvantage is it is difficult to cope with a rapidly changing scenario (Lieb, 2017). The demand of the customers is changing. Tracking the changing demand is another tough job to accomplish, which can bring more engagement.

Consistency here is the key to maintaining and increasing interaction and engagement. As stated in the consistency theory, customers can be motivated approximately toward cognitive consistency (Wu et al. 2018). Thus, any discomfort with a consistent attachment will result in cognitive dissonance. Thus, to strike the desired balance and increased customer inclusion and interaction, consistency theory is helpful.


Content marketing has been supportive of establishing the pathways of interaction with the customers. Proper association with these elements has been important to consider for having major control of these elements (Du Plessis, 2017). The establishment of the ways of interaction is essential to follow. There are different channels that can be used to build interaction with the customers. Thus, as opined by Pulizzi and Barrett (2019), the inclusion of several elements and an improved situation through which all the targets are to be achieved is to be enlisted within the segment. Thus, through technical inclusion and different channels, the condition and way of communication can be improved. 

Conclusion and recommendations


The competition is increasing gradually, and thus, assessment of the market is important. It is recommended to pay less attention to the competitors and more to the customers. Observation of the movement of these two parties is essential here (Wang and Chan-Olmsted, 2020). The strategy and methods of the competitors are to be enlisted in the first place. Deviation from the strategies will increase the efficiency of the market leaders. Thus, though assessment of the competitors is essential, concentration completely on the competitors will create a wrong path for the company. As opined by Dzamic and Kirby (2018), an assessment of the customers and the present need of the customers is necessary to register.

The creation of value is essential to achieve, and the objectives of the brand are thus to be clear. Proper presentation of several factors is thus essential (Lieb, 2017). During expansion, with the inclusion of new products or services, objectives for each of the products are to be made clear. Clear vision and objectives are recommended to construct for having major control of the content creation strategy.

Mobile is the dominating digital device. Thus, it is recommended that ASOS create mobile-friendly interfaces which will increase the efficiency of customer reach (Chan and Astari, 2017). Many customers may not have a laptop, but through a mobile-friendly approach, they can reach the brand. Apart from including and creating customer-friendly approaches, it is also recommended to build a mobile-friendly strategy and content (Yaghtin et al. 2020).

It is recommended that ASOS conduct deep research about the feelings of the customers with present ventures. The establishment of channels for the collection of feedback from the customers is necessary (Dzamic and Kirby, 2018). As per the responses of the existing customers and other audiences, the inclusion of several elements has been important to have major control of these elements. Construction of ROI friendly design is recommended for having major control of the marketing process.


Digitalization and technical advancement have increased the scope for improvement for any brand. With the digitalization of other elements, marketing also took place in the digital medium. More customer inclusion in less time is possible to achieve through the process. However, brands like ASOS have adopted digital media for marketing, and content play an important role in establishing the brand in the existing scenario. Thus, building a proper marketing plan has been necessary. The interfaces and customer and mobile-friendly approach will also generate ample amounts of traffic. The digital medium has created scope for conducting interaction with the customers is a way more effective way of increasing the productivity of the brand.

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