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Developing Enterprise Assignment Sample

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Developing Enterprise Assignment Sample


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The main focus of this presentation will be on Server Space, global level cloud solution providing company.  It also focuses on analysis of the business environment of Server Space. This presentation will also describe the team management and business model of the company.

Traction and engagement

Traction and engagement within the company request good protection in the professional relationship. Both the company and the clients need to ensure that there is no protection and safeguarding. They will seek legal advice to draught binding contracts and after that, they will be able to do it for the vast bulk of future research. The customer will be bound by the terms of contracts, like consenting to just have the name of the company printed on the goods at the bottom of the article in a small font (Veleva, Bodkin, and Todorova, 2017). As part of the contract, they can provide a series of milestone events, which may vary depending on the extent of the program.

 Once the construction starts on a two-month contract, some meetings will be conducted, with acceptable extra appointments allowed. It would help customers realize the importance of what they offer since a complicated multi-use webpage may cost between 30,000 and 40,000 euros, thus charging for more meetings might make them appear cheap. A Contract will also be in force, placing the firm on 100 euros monthly retainer and allowing three hours on average for servicing. This provides customers with three hours work for the price of two hours on average or 50 euros per hour. And it is refundable unless the time is used. The agreement includes a new licensing deal for usage of the finished item, since the IP may stay with until otherwise agreed upon.

The need for a contract agreement with the client helps to ensure that both the organization as well as the customer are shielded throughout the work role. Because no two designs will become identical, the value of each will be determined by the number of resources necessary to accomplish that goal (Veleva, Bodkin and Todorova, 2017). They can convince customers about the final price by presenting them all aspects of the business up front, along with payments and targets so they see concrete outcomes as such a project evolves. This highlights the value they can provide to a consumer that selects to partner with each other.


The managers need to develop a robust team that can work collaboratively with one another. Team management and development are the areas that which managers possess a crucial role. The skills, strategies, as well as actions required to handle and manage a group of people to complete a job, are referred to as team management (Soni, 2020). Communication, collaboration, goal planning, performance evaluation all depends on team management. Dealing with internal issues is also part of team management that the managers of Server Space perform. In groups, the role of the team leader is very significant and crucial. It is a leader’s responsibility to select and implement a suitable leadership style for the company to boost performance. In general, a b leader is necessary for a company's performance. These groups can work individually or collaboratively in Server Space. The managers try to form teams that will be working for the same shared objective. 

The managers of Server Space develop team-building exercises which allow workers to make their abilities to use. The team leaders motivate other members to perform better while working with a team. The members learn that variation is a valuable asset that, when fully utilized, may provide excellent outcomes (Marlow et al., 2018). The members of the group learn how to complement each other's talents to reach a particular objective. The team members of Server Space gain confidence in their talents when their latent capability is revealed. When these skills are applied to daily duties at work or any other institution, they will increase motivation and, as a result, productivity. Teamwork motivates others to provide their best efforts to accomplish the tasks effectively. Apart from that, team members share their knowledge and skills that help in generating a good ambiance. 

When employees perform toward a shared goal during team building, it is simpler for them to make greater working connections in the workplace. All members of the group engage in various activities in which they have a similar understanding of the job. It encourages cooperation nearby work those results in a favorable setting in which employees may build ber working connections (Marlow et al., 2018). Productivity is unquestionably boosted by b working relationships since employees can operate on mutual trust as well as confidence. Even better, cooperation has a social side to it, since individuals would like to work together in a team.

Business model

The business model for Server Space plays a crucial role. 

Value proposition

The company is a cloud solution providing enterprise. The company provides the best quality customer services which have increased its value to the customers. Organizational leaders must provide customer-oriented products and services (Onsongo and Knorringa, 2020). The value proposition is generated by the company to deliver innovative and attractive products to the customers. In the web-based solutions, Server Space can generate new and unique as well as innovative products to attract customers which will generate its value proposition. 

Target market

The target market of the company includes students and businessmen who need web-based solutions regularly and who have an interest in cloud products and solutions. 

Competitive advantage

The managers need to develop unique features for their products and services. Developing intellectual property rights to the products can also increase its competitive advantage (Onsongo and Knorringa, 2020). Delivering customer-oriented products can increase attraction and loyalty among the customers which will also be a benefit for increasing competitive advantage.

Cost structure

The company's cost structure will be evaluated depending on the number of resources required. In general, prices will indeed be determined around £50 per hour, plus the cost of a Graphic Designer if necessary. The sole technical staff at first will be a Developer, therefore any other skill, including design, may have to be purchased. They may give them a predetermined amount and therefore not add anything more than that on extra when a complicated product has reached 40,000 euros. 

market plan

Marketing has a huge influence on brand awareness and customer generation within a company. Marketing helps the customers become aware of the products and services of yolk media. With the help of effective marketing plans, the managers of Server Space can create a channel to connect with the customers and the targeted audience to identify their needs and requirements (Cheng and Liu, 2017). At the same time, it also influences the revenue and profit collection of the company by attracting customers and increasing their interest in the products. Yolk media has developed its marketing and promotional strategies that can help in reaching out to the maximum number of customers with the magazines and social media platforms.

The company will target the young generation audience, business personnel, and college and student goers who need web solutions for various purposes (Cheng and Liu, 2017).

The marketing managers of York in media have targeted to reach out to the targeted audience with the help of promoting the services of Server Space in local chambers of commerce magazines. Promotion will also be performed with the help of some local news outlets for example borough magazine (Cheng and Liu, 2017). Interesting posts and short videos will be performed on social media platforms to attract as many customers as possible. News outlets and magazines have a great contribution to the marketing and promotion of any business organization. 

Social media platforms have a great contribution to attracting customers towards the products and services. The manager will also create an account on the LinkedIn platform for the company to start creating relevant connectivity and networks with major clients (McCabe, 2017). 

Using the social media platforms the managers will also identify the needs, requirements, and p

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