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Customer Centric Marketing Unilever Case Study Assignment Sample

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Customer Centric Marketing Unilever Case Study Assignment Sample


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The entire study will follow the approaches of Unilever for extracting the stakeholders and developing a customer-centric organization. The mission, vision, and objectives of Unilever are described. With the help of the environmental analysis of Unilever political, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors are also described. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning and also the most crucial section of this report.  Each of the sections described in this study will help in developing an understanding of the effective strategies required for customer-centric organizational operations.


The mission statement of Unilever is 'to impart energy to live' (Unilever, 2022). The brand tries to help people look good, feel good and give better things in their life. Satisfying the demands of cleanliness, hygiene, and nutrition meeting the demands of the customers is the main mission of Unilever.


Unilever has the vision to improve sustainability among the customers. They also focus on providing a sustainable lifestyle to the customers. The company attempts to make the customers adapt to a good lifestyle by changing the market condition (Unilever, 2022). Unilever assists the customers to get their goals by increasing sustainability. Bringing sustainability is the long-term strategy of Unilever. Also, expansion of the company is another vision of the company by meeting the satisfaction level of the customers.


The company tries to drive a significantly positive change with the help of the brand of Unilever. The main objective of Unilever is to improve the well-being of people (Unilever, 2022). The company focuses on improving the lives of thousands of people with the supply chain. Another objective of the company is to increase the sustainability of the company by reducing the environmental footprint. 

Environmental analysis

Political factors

Unilever maintains all the rules and regulations provided by the food and drug administration. Government rules and regulations are also effectively maintained by Unilever (Castañeda, 2017). Tax rates, inflation rate, and government policies are important factors that Unilever has to consider before marketing and product launching.

Economic factors

The prices of Unilever are set depending on the per capita income, economic development of the country, and unemployment rate (Stoppel, & Roth, 2017). Emphasizing these factors, the company made decisions for pricing strategy.

Social factors

Unilever also launches the products in the market considering the socio-demographics. The marketing in the advertisement of the launching of the product is set in different languages to help the customer understand the advertising message of the company (Unilever, 2022). Depending on the different needs and requirements of customers of different ages, social and cultural backgrounds, the products are manufactured in the company.

Technological factors

Unilever also tries to improve the advanced mode for product development and delivery of the product's customer satisfaction. For marketing and advertising, Unilever uses social media marketing and digital marketing (Kühl, Mühlthaler, & Goutier, 2020).

Legal factors

Tunable maintenance consumer Protection laws, employment laws, rules, and regulations provided by the Food and Drug Administration. A b legal department is developed in Unilever (Unilever, 2022).

Environmental factors

A plastic-free packaging system has become a positive approach for Unilever. Different technologies are used for reducing the carbon footprint in Unilever (Unilever, 2022). These processes help meet the requirements and demands of the customers to utilize sustainable approaches.


The segmentation strategy available is based on psychographic, demographic, behavioral, and geographical factors (Gajanova, Nadanyiova, & Moravcikova, 2019). Tries to identify the buying pattern of the customers while choosing any product with the help of market analysis. Advertisement and marketing of the products are performed in different geographic areas to reach out to the customers at a wide range. The buying pattern, experience, and buying behavior of the customers are analyzed using feedback from the customers on social media platforms.


The company launches its products for every customer from children to senior citizens. The target of the company is every household. Young people, kids, women, teenagers, and families are all the targeted customers of Unilever. Moderate to high-income families and educated people are typically targeted by Unilever (Camilleri, 2018).


The positioning strategy of Unilever focuses on developing honest, integrated, and open operations. The positioning also involves understanding the competition level of the market (Camilleri, 2018). Amount of money is spent for advertising and marketing of the products of Unilever. Maintaining the product quality and cost affordability, Unilever sets price broadens the brand image and brand awareness.


  • For developing customer-centric approaches and accepting staff stakeholders need to maintain some necessary strategies. These are included in the recommendation.
  • Needs to maintain the quality and price of the products for increasing loyalty and satisfaction of the customers.
  • With the use of social media platforms, the company can help gather feedback from customers regarding the products.
  • Feedback helps in understanding the requirements and p
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