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Logistics And Supply Chain Management Assignment Sample

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Logistics And Supply Chain Management Assignment Sample


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Supply chain managing is refers to the procedure of handling the overall stream of production regarding the goods and services, which mainly starts with the raw components and ends with the delivery of final products to the consumer. Further, the report is based on FedEx, which is considered a suite of supply chain solutions along with the cargo services, tools of trade management, and data. The company has a wide range of delivery possibilities to choose from within the UK (Bastas, and Liyanage, 2019). The report includes a discussion about the use of different principles of supply chain management at FedEx with its processes of considering the practices of business. In addition to this, the report helps to understand the role of logistics and supply sequence policy for the effectiveness of FedEx in subsequent business development. Certain issues are related to the growth of the supply chainapproach along with finding some explanations. Moreover, the report helps to understand the relationship between the supply chain and other areas of the organization and its significance to FedEx. It will help to understand the concept of supply chain management of FedEx which gives an idea of different concerns about the issues as well as development at the workplace.

Key store network ideas, standards, processes in an authoritative setting

Supply chain concept- The objective of supply sequence management is to bring together the organizations and corporate processes required to configure, manufacture, deliver, and use a product or service. FedEx based on its stockpile aspect to them as per need to get by and display. However, FedEx squeezes hooked on one or more store chains that play a part to play in each of them. FedEx Supply Chain seems to have a long history of supporting makers of buyer products by improving their store network representation. There, the sky is the limit as far as inbound and outbound transportation, executive distribution, and bundle, including spin activities, are concerned (Bastas, and Liyanage, 2018).

Time is limited, demands are high, edges are thin, and every prospective opportunity to increase or protect item esteem is significant in mature business sectors where producers of buyer bundled products compete. The supply chain of FedEx enhances the inventory network by looking at the entire life pattern of different items, after plant to the customer - and, if fundamental, back once more.

Current customer buying propensities are compelling retailers and producers to go through emotional changes. Elevated purchaser assumptions, outsourcing prerequisites, and seller oversaw stock is coming down on your inventory network. Simultaneously, web-based professional volumes are permitting frequent creators to sell straightforwardly to the customers.

We understand what end purchasers require at FedEx Supply Chain: greater purchasing power, faster delivery, and simple revenues. What's more, we realize that your clients anticipate what you should convey. Remain on the ball with administrations and arrangements planned explicitly for purchaser merchandise supply chains. At FedEx, Work on the speed and productivity of your transportation organization (Srai, and Lorentz, 2019). Our specialists suggest the best locales for appropriation fixates in light of the thickness of shipments and their objections. Acquire effectiveness and adaptability as you depend on us to be your single resource for all your delivery needs. 

FedEx Crucial Stock Operations combines every customer request's delivery requirements with the most appropriate stock storage area and FedEx delivery management. The network of Worldwide Distribution Centers that FedEx Value Chain maintains in critical places throughout the world is critical to the preparedness. In addition to this, the operations of FedEx mainly include the process of moving the finished goods, from the manufacturer to the distribution center to the end customer. However, the entire process mainly consists of managing inventory, completing orders as well as shipping package procedures.

Principles of supply chain at FEDEX- Supply chain management refers to the cycles that are associated with moving the items from the provider to purchasers. It is an organization of relations, persons, assets, movements, and information engaged upstream along with downstream. Inventory network the executives (SCM) is the method involved with taking care of the progression of labor and products at FedEx. The exercises required from securing unrefined components to the last conveyance of the item to buyers go under SCM. In an inventory network, the executives limit the waste, cost, and time consumed in the creation cycle (Nandi, and et.al., 2021). The principles of source chain organization in terms of FedEx are as follows:

Apply supply chain to the needs of customers: FedEx as well as its supply chain understands the needs of customers. However, the customers are mainly divided into groups to understand their needs. Further, the process can be done with the help of industry and trade channels. The needs of customers are anticipated by FedEx so that it can proceed as per the needs.

Redo Logistics Network: After the division of the clients is given various prerequisites, SCM administrators need to fit the work at FedEx to serve various portions. The SCM administrator needs to focus on the transportations and variety reasonable schedules to rapidly circulate those products that are usual separately as dire.

Adapt Demand Planning Throughout the Supply Chain: The production network specialists of FedEx are principally ready to grant the data to the trading associates the solicitation for warding off the pointless stock. Notwithstanding, the interest information should be used by the bosses of SCM. Each office ought to plan toward an ordinary useful goal for restricting costs, cleaving down stock levels, and extending benefits (Sheel, and Nath, 2019). This division ought to be conceivable in view of arrangements volume, economics, client types, etc. 

Separate Products Close to Customers: There are two dissimilar products to the customer and due to the budget of the sales wherever the adjustment bring down the cost at FedEx. The redesigned things or parts of the thing ought to be speedily open inside a more restricted lead time. To achieve this, the flexibility to modify the thing ought to be as near the uttermost furthest reaches of the creation as could be anticipated. 

Outsourcing Deliberately: The managers of FedEx outsource strategically where the principles stand for the test of time. The objective of cost decrease ought to be shared by the channel accomplices to bring down market costs and improve the overall revenue.

Develop IT which provisions the multi-level decision making: The IT tasks ought not to be done in seclusion and before IT projects at FedEx, the business cycle reengineering ought to be finished. This gives a legitimate comprehension of interaction inadequacies and assists with deciding the sort of advancement required. A detailed report containing all of the data that flows across the organization but yields no meaningful outcomes is unappealing to any business manager. Web - based applications and advanced arrangements should enhance the process easier and speed the supply chain and executive contact by reducing time, effort, and expense with automated electronic interchange, requests, and payroll data.

Change both the services and the quantitative measures. FedEx uses action-based pricing to determine the client's productivity. It is significantly preferable to use Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing to obtain modifications in workouts, interactions, objects, and customers (Chen, 2018). This enables the cycle to comprehend the subject matter and recognise the potential for further application of this skill to the overall progress of the store network the board interface. 

Processes of supply Chain Management at FedEx- Creation network practices aren't the commitment of one separate or one association. Different people ought to be actually connected with different cycles to make it work at FedEx. 

Figure 1: Supply Chain Management Processes

Plan: The arrangement interaction appearances to mark successful long and short-range portfolio grid techniques. From the arrangement of the creation network at FedEx to the estimate of client interest, store network pioneers need to encourage facilitated stock organization techniques. For dealing with every one of the assets expected for planning substances and present kinds of assist, a system must be deliberate by the company. Creation network the board basically focuses on orchestrating and cultivating a lot of estimations. 

Develop: Right after organizing, the ensuing stage incorporates making or getting. In this stage, we chiefly centre around building a b relationship with suppliers of the crude substances expected for creation. FedEx also needs to decide on selecting the suppliers to deliver the services and the supply chain managers construct pricing as well as the delivery process (Rajaguru, and Matanda, 2019). 

Make: The third phase in the worth chain the boards loop is the assembly or production of things ordered by FedEx's client. The things are designed, made, tested, packaged, and synchronised for transport at this step. The shop network director's task here is to arrange all of the exercises required for assembly, testing, packing, and preparation for conveyance. This stage is regarded as the most metric-driven element in FedEx's retail chain, whereby businesses may assess quality standards, production outcomes, and specialist performance.

Deliver: The fourth is transportation. The things are delivered to the customer in the designated region by the provider. This is mostly the operations stage, where customer orders are recognized and the product delivery is coordinated.. This stage is more considered as the logistics and FedEx is collaborative for order receipt from customers along with establishing a network of warehouse and pick carriers for delivering the products by setting up an invoice system for receiving payments (Zimon, Madzik, and Sroufe, 2020). 

Return: The latter and former point of the inventory web of the managers alludes to the return. In this part, deficient or damaged products are gotten backbone to the benefactor by the client. Here, the organizations need to manage client inquiries and answer their grievances, and so forth. However, this can be problematic for the supply chain for FedEx and planners need to be responsible for the decisions. 

How logistics and distribution planning may help an organization's competitiveness

To achieve competitiveness, FedEx ought to lay out cutthroat requirements that their manufacture net should necessity to fulfil for inward and outside customers. They should next connect the selected critical needs to existing store network and planned operational processes. The following are some critical tasks that FedEx must prioritise.

Use Supply chain technology to add value- FedEx may be lured to embrace each new set of events as invention transforms and disrupts companies. Furthermore, FedEx may use massive data collections mined from machines outfitted with monitors to shift operational configuration from responsive to proactive. Using advanced inquiry enables organisations to identify and forecast difficulties before they occur, rather than identifying and responding to them after they have passed the point of no return(Dubey, and et.al., 2020). AI applications help to handle the process of customer service payment and it also eliminates the overhead costs of the business. 

Make supply chain management a priority for FedEx- This entails establishing inventory network authority in the C-Suite and ensuring that the store network pioneer is skilled in a variety of areas, including compromise, developing relationships, creativity, duties, money, and personnel out across board. Apart from ensuring that the organisation is certain of its requirements, this top-level position also ensures that the manufacturing network is handled within other business result and FedEx.

Increase supply chain partnership and relationships- A supplier that may be included into FedEx can supply benefits more than simply moving products; they can also collaborate and work with your organisation toward a solitary strategy. To strengthen FedEx's collaboration, the organisation should evaluate the value of the partner product it'd be beneficial in a planned and typical approach. A few goals might be established and evaluated in collaboration with the supplier. Even a good partnership at FedEx has room for improvement, and firms, along with their affiliations, should maintain a continual dialogue in quest of strategies to further expand knowledge, reduce timing, decrease expenses, and, in any event, upgrade any cycles that are slowing down the contact. This includes preparing to eliminate waste and managing risk. (Sharma, and te.al., 2020).

Further, it can help manage the competitiveness of FedEx and the relations at the workplace affect the sustainability of the source chain. However, the suppliers of the company are increasing and they decide to support people as per their requirements.

Growing Team Innovation and Technology-The production network is intricate, coordinated with, and affects each article of FedEx. Furthermore, even just an experienced coordinated effort head must lean on division and unit professionals to supplement all aspects of the inventory network. When supporting anything in disengagement, specialty unit pioneers may require validity throughout the organization as a whole. However, by working collectively, companions could audit the tale in the knowledge at FedEx, comprehend the master strategy, and give a unified message to the association (Ghadge, and et.al., 2020). Whether rolling out another item or ramping up manufacturing to meet rising demand, inventory network directors must understand potential roadblocks, which necessitate varied perspectives - and interest in the procedure before it becomes currently in action.

All of the above-mentioned points are considered to be based on the changes in globalization as it is important to put things based on the requirement of a competitive market.

Issues relating to the creation of a supply chain system

Continually changing economic trends- The patterns in the steadily evolving global economy are driven by broad patterns, like internationalization, the fortifying impacts of globalization, reliable growth in world-wide contests, and company attempt’s to revaluate. Reduce the number of suppliers, and innovation, as well as shortening product life cycles, shifting to time-sensitive contents, and alterations in client purchase behavior and store network processes at FedEx. The association and execution of the supply of merchandise between inventory networks individuals ought to be coordinated in such a manner that economies of scale and economies of decision apply at the same time to chain individuals. 

Social and political problems and natural disasters:This reality is discouraging because the framework of the planned operation can’t tackle its undertaking in the climate where it is generally required at FedEx. Due to their miserable possibilities, the number of inhabitants in devastated African nations is going towards the more evolved mainland, in the quest for better possibilities of endurance (Calatayud, Mangan, and Christopher, 2018). It can be considered a major barrier or issue for FedEx and its operations in the competitive market. The impact of the elements of the financial climate can be seen in the revamping and rebuilding of FedEx assembling, creation, and administration exercises, in this manner the chains of these exercises which are framed during esteem creation are practically indivisible and firmly founded on each other.

Because of the abovementioned, we can see that gathering complex and quickly evolving shopper requests is inconceivable without close joint effort between creation, administration, and coordinated operations. Coordinated operations consolidate the parts of the worth creation process in this useful triangle at FedEx.

Consumer habits and changes in supply chain strategies: In the aspect of the traditional way, the source chain analyzed at FedEx is cost-effective and faster which helps to increase the performance. However, the objectives are mistaken at FedEx, and that does not lead to a competitive advantage. Further, it is important to retain the actual position of the company by reviewing the supply chain and making action plans that help to manage unexpected events. In any case, the weakness of supply chains has expanded as of late. This isn't as it were because of the impact of outside occasions, for example, catastrophic events, yet in addition to changes in business methodologies.

FedEx pays great attention to retaining existing customers and attracting new customers in order to increase its share of the pie. Marketplace initiatives are hampered by a lack of consistency in buyer wants and assumptions, thus excellent client assistance has already been required in recent times.

Information technology developments and revolutionary new, innovative technologies: In recent years, information technology and e-commerce had a huge influence on the supply chain management of FedEx. IT ventures have a positive effect

essentially on the level of monetary achievement and combination, but not on the adaptability of undertakings. This could likewise show that sector-specific IT ventures further develop process adequacy and administration principles, yet they try not to work on the responses, or at least, the adaptability of the specialist organization expected by clients (Qazi, and et.al., 2018). The use of slashing data innovation in supplier relationships necessitates the distribution and dissection of a large amount of data among different players. Further, there are certain performance consequences related to IT which affect the expansion of skills in the global marketplace and affect the performance of FedEx in a competitive market. To make due and stay serious in the worldwide market, one needs to deal with what's to come. Viable utilization of the achievement elements of IT upgrades the creation, income, and benefit capability of FedEx. IT venture is emphatically related to higher income and quality execution. 

In this part, we discussed different issues which are associated with the development of supply chain strategies as it covered social and political problems, technical as well as changes in economic trends. It affects the performance of FedEx in a negative negatively and positively is important to deal with the changes in activities of the business and make proper plans for supply chain management strategies. It is critical to resolve challenges in the formulation of supply chain ways to handle the supply chain's prospective operations at FedEx.

Relationship between supply and company another area along with the significance to the business

The Supply chain organisation of FedEx mainly aims to improve sourcing the raw materials along with producing and distributing products and services to the customers. A production network is a progression of interconnected processes that move merchandise starting with one point and then onto the next. It very well may be viewed as the progression of materials, data, individuals, and cash through an association. The motivation behind the inventory network of the executives (SCM) is to put together the development of products so it meets client prerequisites at all stages in their lifecycle (Younis, and Sundarakani, 2019). SCM incorporates exercises like preparation, anticipating, controlling, and overseeing assets alongside different capacities like money, buying, and coordinated factors at FedEx. This chain contains a broad variety of links that need competence and expertise. When an inventory network the boards is persuasive, it can reduce an organization's overall expenditures while increasing advantages.

There is a relation between finance and supply chain management at FedEx as it uniting money and production network activities can make your organization all the more functionally sharp and work on monetary proficiency through Exposing likely dangers and empowering executable and enhanced plans. Driving supportable expense decrease and productive development through more adult arranging models. It will help to bring stability as well as flexibility to the supply chain by carrying the low cost of capital and need to focus on the survival to improve the efficiency and investment in the new products at FedEx. 

The successful implementation of SCM practices at FedEx develops to improve the organizational performance along with the supply chain. That's the portion that many SCM experts refer to as logistics, and it is where FedEx manages the processing of client orders, builds a network of warehouses, picks couriers to deliver things to consumers, and sets up a billing system to receive goods and payments. SCMs combine stock control procedures for products and services, such as receiving and validating shipments, moving them to production facilities, and authorising repayments. Logisticians control the entire life cycle of a product, which means that they manage all the steps needed to acquire raw materials, transform them into products, and then distribute them (Zhu, and et.al., 2018). 

At FedEx, to ensure that the representation truly wants to provide excellent service, HR could examine the worker's inventories network data. To that end, the HR department commonly invests time and effort in comprehending the administrations and things that are delivered on the lookout. FedEx's HRM methods might bond production network associates to develop inter ranch links and produce crucial exchange of information arrangements. As a result, businesses may have a more smoothed out and streamlined supply chain and get that much-needed competitive advantage. An effective human resource, executives enable firms to gain a competitive advantage, increase efficiency and share of the entire industry, reduce expenditures, and increase benefit of the company in the planned operational restraint.. Overseeing people inside and between firms in inventory network relationships offers opportunities for competitive advantage. This results in cost investment funds which are thus passed on to the customers of FedEx.

In addition to this, enhancing customer loyalty, brand building objectives building, maintaining, and updating b links in a shop network As a result, the task of promoting through the concept of advertising, market direction, and connection exhibiting is critical for the advancement of FedEx Logistics. (Attia, and Eldin, 2018). A very much oversaw inventory network can essentially lessen an organization's working costs, hence driving up benefits. This productivity can be reflected in each part of the chain, from thought creation to the promoting of the eventual outcome at FedEx. Data from the production network, and the executive’s frameworks permit FedEx and its inventory network to upgrade the utilization of assets to help interest. By connecting data from those two sources, FedEx can set out customized deals open doors that increment incomes, use assets well, and expand benefits. 

In terms of interrelation between supply chain management and technology, the innovative progressions currently empower organizations to construct start to finish inventory network arrangements that accelerate processes and stay away from bottlenecks in the inventory network. Curiously, ongoing or close to continuous data is the critical element in the production network of the board. There are several innovations such as cloud technology, big analytics, the Internet - Of - things, and machine learning that will primarily aid in the recruitment of leaders and supply chain managers to fulfill FedEx's future needs. Changes in a stockpile bend are frequently the result of technological advancements that reduce the information costs of production (Zhu, and et.al., 2018). FedEx's technical advancements in production efficiency will shift a stockpile bend to one side. The cost of production falls, and buyers will seek more of the item at reduced prices.

Thus, supply chain management is interrelated with the other areas of FedEx and it mainly works with each other. However, it helps to make improvements in the performance of the business and shows an important character in the success of the professional. It also enables the company to achieve the set targets and consider a major part of the business (Yun, and et.al., 2018). 


According to the findings of the preceding study, FedEx's supply chain management is the centralized management of the goods and it covers all of the procedures which mainly transform the raw materials into the final products. Organizations may cut abundance costs and deliver things to buyers faster by utilising the inventory network. The report helps to understand the process of supply chain management at FedEx helps to decrease the costs by making improvements in the inventories, adopting customers’ requirements along with stabilize the relationship with the vendors. Further, it helps to understand the role of logistics and strategy of the supply chain which helps to manage the competitiveness in the marketplace. It can be summarized that the problems related with the expansion of supply chain strategy can affect business performance. Thus, the interrelationship between the supply chain and organizational performance can be beneficial for the performance of the business and it helps to manage changes according to the requirement of business.

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