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MAR7509-A � Digital Marketing Metrics Assignment Sample

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MAR7509-A � Digital Marketing Metrics Assignment Sample


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1.1 Brief Background of the Organisation

However, despite the fact that the Rolls-Royce nameplate has been in use since 1906, the BMW-owned Rolls-Royce Motor Cars subsidiary has no direct ties to cars with the Rolls-Royce nameplate that were created before to 2003. Rolls-Royce and other precursor companies that manufactured Rolls-Royce and Bentley brand automobiles before 2003, when the BMW-controlled corporation began manufacturing cars under the Rolls-Royce name, have been directly succeeded by the Bentley Motors Limited subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Saura, 2021). In 2003, the first Rolls-Royce Phantom four-door saloon went on sale.

1.2 Target Market of the Company

The intended audience for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. is very affluent. People having at least $30 million in liquid assets (Nissen and Francis-Cummings, 2019). With minimal print advertisements and a few dinner parties, the CEO personally signed letters and custom-built cars, the company mainly contacts its customers.

1.3 Products and Services of the Organisation

During the "The Great Eight Phantoms Exhibit," Rolls-Royce presented a new Phantom, which will go into production at the end of 2017 and be available for purchase in 2018. The Ghost 4-door saloon debuted in 2010. In September of 2006, Rolls-Royce revealed plans to create the Ghost, a new four-door vehicle. The next Rolls-Royce vehicle, the Ghost, will be smaller than the Phantom. BMW F01 7 Series parts will make up just 20% of the vehicle's components, and it will be positioned below the Phantom in the line-up. At the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars introduced a new model (Saura, Ribeiro-Soriano and Palacios-Marqués, 2021). In honour of the first Rolls-Royce Wraith, which was constructed by the original Rolls-Royce Limited from 1938 to 1939, Rolls-Royce has renamed the Wraith the Rolls-Royce Wraith. In 2015, the Dawn four-seater convertible is available. For the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, it was announced. Cullinan, Rolls-long-awaited Royce's next model, was unveiled in early 2018. In addition to the "Architecture of Luxury" base, the 5-door SUV also shares numerous components with the Phantom.

1.4 Vision and Mission Statement of the Organisation

1.4.1 Vision Statement of Marks and Spencer

In its purest form, the goal is to design a vehicle that may be compared to haute couture. Here we have the next generation of high-end automobiles.

1.4.2 Mission Statement of Marks and Spencer

Power and propulsion systems are at the heart of Rolls-expertise.

2. Digital Strategy

2.1 Ansoff’s Growth Matrix

  1. Market Penetration: This tactic aids the business in expanding its market share. When a corporation has a well-established market for the product Cullinan, however, this market penetration technique works. In order to increase Cullinan’s sales, this plan makes advantage of the existing techniques, distribution channels, and so on. It's common for companies to use aggressive marketing and advertising initiatives to attain this goal. Salespeople might be used to boost sales (Dawes, 2018). Although less expensive and less dangerous, this method may provide outcomes that are less satisfactory in the long run. There aren't many examples of Rolls Royce using a market penetration approach, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

  2. Product Development: This is a growth plan that Rolls Royce has used. As of right now, the firm is working on building its Cullinan vehicle in order to compete in the competitive SUV industry. When the firm launched Cullinan in 2019, it had gone through extensive testing in a variety of conditions to ensure that it would meet the needs of its clients (Chintalapati, 2020). Additionally, the corporation decided to stop manufacturing in 2016 in order to devote its resources to the creation of a brand-new, premium sedan.
  • Market Development: There is also a greater risk of losing brand recognition in new areas when demographic market segmentation is used. The approach of market development has been embraced by Rolls Royce. Since Rolls Royce's dealership relies on the economic level of countries it intends to penetrate, the corporation has branched out too many locations (Dawes, 2018). To name a few: Vietnam, Prague, Thailand, and so on, Rolls Royce is increasing the number of showrooms it has in order to better service its consumers. Polish and Japanese customers were added to the company's portfolio. It also become more diverse in terms of race and gender. In Prague, it built a customised automobile for ladies with softer elements, such as a blue paint job.
  • Diversification: The idea behind a company's diversification strategy is to expand into new areas and provide new goods. This approach addresses the risk of entering new markets with new goods that the firm has never managed or dealt with (Chintalapati, 2020). Depending on the synergy degree between the acquirer and acquisition, there are a variety of strategies to diversify. In the instance of Rolls Royce, the corporation itself is the parent company "BMW's" diversification plan.
  • 2.2 STP Analysis
  1. Segmentation: Rolls-Royce uses demographic characteristics such as gender, age, income, and ethnicity to divide the market into several divisions (Bolon et al., 2018). Purchasing habits such as frequency, advantages sought, contexts of use, and brand loyalty may all be used to separate customers.
  2. Targeting: Since it was first hand-assembled in England in 1904, Rolls-Royce has been a lavish favourite of the rich and famous, serving as a status symbol for generations. The Rolls-Royce nameplate is widely recognised as a sign of wealth and affluence across the globe (Zulfikar and STp, 2019). One of Rolls-primary Royce's markets is the ultra-wealthy and well-known who want an extravagant ride in a vehicle that's both fast but also luxury, quiet but not too opulent, and luxurious but not opulent.
  • Positioning: To identify and position their products, Rolls-Royce vehicles do so. One of the most well-known and recognised symbols of royalty and opulence is Rolls-Royce. Crafted by hand and polished to perfection. The New Rolls-Royce Ghost offers a more luxury and speedy ride than any other vehicle on the road (Bolon et al., 2018). The car's cabin has a luxurious feel thanks to the best woods, wools, and leathers made with the pride of English workmanship.

2.3 Balanced Scorecard

  1. Financial Perspective: Rolls Royce compares its performance to that of its competitors by looking at the sales revenues of its rivals (Fatima and Elbanna, 2020). Using benchmarking and balanced scorecards, the corporation can figure out why a rival outperformed Rolls Royce in sales of a certain product that Rolls Royce also manufactures.
  2. Customer Perspective: For a high-end car, Rolls Royce's adoption of a dynamic design model is ideal since it ensures that customers get exactly what they want six months after placing an order for the car (Camilleri, 2021).
  • Internal Business Process Perspective: First, it is necessary to clarify what a balanced scorecard is and what a Rolls Royce is before describing how the two might be utilised to evaluate the company's operations (Fatima and Elbanna, 2020). With the use of the balanced scorecard, an organisation may better align its operations with its vision and strategy, improve communication amongst the company's many constituencies, and assess its overall performance in light of the organization's long-term objectives.
  1. Innovation and Organisational Capacity Perspective: A balanced scorecard is an effective tool for Rolls-Royce management because it can be used to assess the firm's operations in light of the company's strategic objectives and provide insight into how the company is doing in terms of its performance relative to those goals (Camilleri, 2021). As a result, the organisation will constantly be aware of concerns and areas that need to be addressed in order to guarantee that operations are efficient thanks to the balanced score card strategy.

3. Digital Marketing Communication Campaign

Go-To-Market Campaign of Rolls Royce

Campaign’s Objective

Generally, the fundamental objective of this campaign is to enhance and develop the awareness about the newly launched product, Cullinan of Rolls Royce (Shankar et al., 2021). Generally, the organisation has decided to enhance its organisational sales and profitability by attracting the consumers in luxury segment through launching its new product Cullinan in the market.

Campaign Development

Almost majority of Rolls-customers Royce's are self-employed, business owners, or nobility. Typically, a Rolls-Royce customer has three to five mansions, a significant collection of high-end automobiles, and an estimated net worth of $30 million dollars (Pandey, 2021). When it comes to this, a well-known saying in the automobile industry is that acquiring a new client costs seven times as much as doing business with an existing one: For Rolls-Royce Cullinan, renewals, cross-selling, and upselling provide the greatest possibility to make more money.


For Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, THAT Agency has been the digital marketing agency of record and has supplied services such as SEO and sponsored advertising. That company also handles social media for Rolls Royce Motor Cars. Rolls-Royce is a client-centric corporation that lives on the unique individual relationships it has with its customers throughout the globe, even as the amount spent on digital marketing has soared (Shankar et al., 2021). Customers' use of social media and other digital tools to stay in contact with and share stories about their brands is on the increase.


During this digital marketing effort for Rolls Royce's Cullinan, the company employed brand data to track the success of the campaign. With the use of brand measurements, the organisation was able to determine the campaign's performance. The Cullinan repurchase ratio was measured with the use of the brand metrics, which assisted the organisation in raising customer awareness of the brand (Pandey, 2021). The company would want to ask consumers to identify as many different car manufacturers as possible, then check whether their name appears on the list and how long it takes a customer to recall it. In addition, Rolls Royce manages their market in another dimension via the use of brand analytics to improve overall brand awareness.

4. Impact Assessment

In 1918, the business invented the aero engine that powered the first straight transatlantic flight, and now, they are pushing electric flying and renewable electricity. Rolls-Royce is responding to the Covid-19 situation in a variety of ways, from donating PPE kit to frontline healthcare workers and 3D printing new masks, to rising to the ventilator challenge in the UK as part of a coalition of enterprises (Sonderegger et al., 2020). There are 50,000 people working for the firm in 50 countries throughout the globe, which helps to support the company's brand and innovations. Work at Rolls-Royce as the global employer brand lead involves intelligence, empathy and creativity, as well as a thorough knowledge of branding, communications, and the peculiarities of various markets throughout the globe.

Dawn Hollingworth has all three in spades. Amid a 30-minute phone conference, the organisation has addressed how COVID-19 would affect Rolls-employer Royce's brand. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, a British carmaker, has launched a new website to better serve customers. There is a fluid flow of graphics and prominent links on the homepage of the new site tailored for mobile devices. With this new look, the company wants to make itself more prominent in the digital world and more effectively contact its target audience (Mancini and Sala, 2018). It's clear that mobile optimization is a priority for this site since it reflects an understanding of how important it is for customers, especially millennials, to do research and make purchases while on the move. As a result, Rolls-Royce has stepped up its social media presence, notably on Instagram, in order to connect with customers in a new manner.

5. Conclusion

Thus, it is concluded that during the organisational business operation, Rolls Royce has significantly and prominently utilised and implemented different kinds of digital marketing strategies. Through this, it has been able to proficiently enhance its profitability and organisational revenue. Moreover, in order to enter in its target market, the organisation has launched its new luxury SUV, Cullinan. Through this, it has been able to effectively and successfully grab an essential attraction of the consumers. In this aspect, the Go-To-Market Campaign also proficiently and prominently helped the organisation in order for potentially develop its consumer engagement rate. In addition to this, the utilisation of most resilient and effective digital marketing strategy also enhanced the organisational brand awareness throughout the world.

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