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Reflective Account � Specifications Assignment Sample

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Reflective Account � Specifications Assignment Sample


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The framework to build mental wealth and professional fitness cultural intelligence and cognitive intelligence is necessary. Meditative practices in the teaching design help individual educators to enhance knowledge and understanding. The importance of the study is based on the creative elements which minimize interpersonal gaps between the knowledge and understanding.

Critical analysis of the breadth of the module 

Analysis of mental wealth competencies

Cognitive intelligence, social intelligence as well as digital proficiency is an important skill which is necessary to improve mental health. The term mental wealth is focusing on positive strategies which help to maintain mental well-being. There are three major components of mental wellbeing such as emotional health, cognitive health, and behavioral health. There are some relationship gaps between mental illness and wealth which include anxiety, and depression which caused poor mental health (Kratt, 2018). The professional fitness curriculum is developed by the toolkit of mental wealth which is easily minimize health illness. Health is everything and which is a wealth of human beings and maintaining mental health means everything in life has become easy. Individuals can realize that self-acceptance and resilience are enhancing the ability to manage standard emotions.

There are four most important components of menthol health such as emotional, physical, social, and intellectual which is considered as main aspects of personal health. This research describes that a low level of household income is the main reason for mental illness and anxiety or depression is involved in mental health. Money worries are inadequately put a negative impact on human psychology and mood swings and exacerbated pain is the first step of mental illness. In order to, explore new issues as well as disability culture among the participants always has a negative impact on human health (Agaronnik et al. 2019). Mental fitness is important for human health and that can easily increase the ability to respond to life its richness. Continuous exercising is necessary to improve mental health and that can easily decrease depression, anxiety, and negative mood.

Cognitive functions referred to numerous mental abilities which are necessary to resolve numerous difficulties by using an efficient decision-making process. Extrovert sensing, introvert sensing introvert illusion, and extrovert illusion are the four major components of cognitive functions which is effective to maintain the psychological factors of an individual. The four major components of cognitive functioning which is feeling, thinking, illusion, and sense, which is easily enhancing the ability to learn new information. Maintaining cognitive functions is the earliest way to minimize difficulties and improve physical health (Dobia et al. 2019). Sometimes competency framework model is important to describe performance excellence in the organization and sometimes positively working with the functioning approach. The universal competency framework model is necessary which is consistent with the practical way and understanding individual people’s behavior by playing certain rules and regulations.

Mental health is important with a healthy body and sustainability is improved by production. In order to improve economic performance, as well as sustainable development, is necessary to enhance mental health which is more important than anything. Infinite pleasure, as well as peace of mind, is involved in positive mental health which is necessary for mental health. I have observed that financial freedom is another way to keep healthy mental health. As per the opinion of Schroeder et al. (2018), long-term anxiety and depression are easily eliminated by learning new skills and paying more attention to the present moment. Apart from that building social networking as well as setting priorities is necessary to improve mental health and that can easily able to minimize the mental stress of an individual. I have recognized that employability and wealth creation is positively support to maintain my work-life balances within the organization.

There are five most important components of mental health such as community, physical health, environmental health, and self-care which are necessary to eliminate major boundaries of mental difficulties. According to me, mental illness is a major boundary to learning new things and also minimizes the innovative skills of individuals. In order to, increased self-confidence level, as well as self-esteem, is decreasing symptoms of both anxiety and depression (Listiningrum et al. 2020). Mental fitness is necessary to decrease the anxiety level of individuals and which is enhancing the ability of cognitive functioning. In order to, improving self-esteem is necessary and which is continuously improving by cognitive functioning. In order to, describe performance excellence within the organization, mental health is necessary for learning new skills. Numerous occupational roles are necessary to emphasize life skilling and efficiently managing special functioning through a certain environment.

Connecting with individual people and learning new or innovative skills is mandatory for improving mental health. Building a social support network is a common factor that are necessary to improve mental health and that can easily enhance new skills within the community. There are three other major components of mental well-being such as environmental mastery, autonomy, and personal growth to maintain positive relations. The entrepreneurship concept is developed by an increasing social support network. As per my opinion, technical knowledge is necessary to maintain organizational strategy, and positive mental health is also required for wealth creation and employability which are considered talent management tools. 

In-depth critical analysis based on the reflective model

Gibbs reflective model

Support experimental learning process Gibbs reflective cycle is continuously improving new learning processes to achieve long-term sustainability. The major six stages of Gibbs's reflective model have discussed emotions by identifying negative as well as positive elements of a business.

Figure 3: Gibbs reflective model

(Source: Self-created)


A description is considered the first stage of the Gibbs reflective cycle which is provided relevant pieces of information related to the valuable topic. There is some potential impacts of wealth creation and employability which is people spend more values in their assets, which is financially give positive support to the individual. I have recognized that developing mental wealth is the reason for professional fitness which puts a positive impact on the human new learning process.


Feelings are the second stage of the reflective model, and also describe the experience, emotions, and honesty of individuals. Motivational power is actually important for individuals because it helps to harder work to maintain satisfaction within the organization (Adeani et al. 2021). I can realize that quiet happiness is maintained by cognitive functioning and which is necessary to improve the mental health of individuals. A competency framework is necessary which allows an organization to achieve goals and objectives by efficiently managing performance. Feelings describe the emotions and mood of individual people which easily understand the strength and performance improvements techniques of individuals.


Evaluation is the most important stage of Gibbs's reflective cycle which is easily focusing the positive and negative elements of organizations. According to me, individual people positively and negatively contribute to the important situation which is necessary for an organization. Employability, as well as wealth creation techniques, is necessary to identify the organizational negative impact which is produced good quality services within the organization (Li et al. 2020). Work ethics as well as assume the self improvement activity is involved in the specific stages which are necessary to complete the potential task within the deadline.


Analysis is a major step when there have some chances to make sense of past performance. Positive thinking is also required to maintain work-life balances within an organization (Pieper et al. 2021). In the common situation, different types of aspects are based on the knowledge as well as an important understanding of new skills which is easily maintained and controls the difficult situation. Before discovered when I am working by myself, I have enjoyed my working areas due to my cognitive skills and knowledge. I think that a specific approach is necessary to identify different types of sections within the organization that how to manage work life balances among the workers.


The conclusion is considered an important step, where it can identify what happened into the previous section. Identifying the natural responses of the previous section is discovered by the specific steps to efficiently handle the current situation (Ingham-Broomfield, 2021). I have learned that when individual groups divided work, that essential to complete the overall task within the deadline of the longer project.

Action plan

The last stage of the Gibbs reflective cycle is an action plan, which is considered a vital step to minimizing the difficulties. Wealth creation, as well as employability, is necessary to manage the potential part of the organization which is easily controlled by the specific stage (Sambell et al. 2020). I can also recognize that a specific stage is extremely useful to think about the performance which is necessary to identify the potential part to manage the difficulties. 


Based on the above discussion it can be concluded that maintaining work-life balance is necessary for the collaborative framework. During the same time, I have learned new things which are engaged me in the organization. There is some potential impacts of wealth creation and employability which is people spend more values in their assets, which is financially give positive support to the individual.

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