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Sustainability And Responsible Business Assignment Sample

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Sustainability And Responsible Business Assignment Sample

Introduction: Sustainability And Responsible Business

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  • The earth is faced with many sustainability issues and crises since ancient times.
  • Wasting and pollution by production and consumption is the most common sustainability issue on the earth.

The people who are asking for a pollution-free and wasting-free Earth also create the environmental issues, which are faced by the Earth. Nowadays-Global food waste and using more resources than the earth can provide are also included in sustainability issues.

Understanding of current challenge in sustainability 

  • Wasting and pollution by production and consumption is a key point in sustainability issues (López-Pérezet al. 2018).
  • Mainly pharmaceuticals and factories are a responsible part of this west and pollution.

It is very clear that if people are consuming from the environment then they should give the consuming part in another way. For the sustainability of the earth, it is very harmful to the environment. 

  • The third largest component in the world is plastic.
  • This plastic is the pre-child of a sustainable issue (Di Vaioet al. 2020).
  • Lastly, food waste is also responsible for the sustainability issue.

If it is about wasting and pollution through consumption and production there are many points to calculate. Wasting paper, and paperboard, food using plastic, and many unhealthy vehicles, which are harming the environment, are the basic sustainability issues.

Overview of the issue 

  • Wasting from industrial areas is lesser than household waste.
  • Wasting and pollution by consumption and production is 44.4% in 2020 (uk, 2022).

Companies produce a significant amount of pollution, and from the households, there is also a certain amount of waste that is dumped in either the ocean or river. This wastage is polluting the environment and indirectly the upcoming generation.

  • Uses of plastic are very much effective to create a big sustainability issue.
  • Paperboard and paper are smoothly recycled in the environment, but manufacturing will create the sustainability issue.

In the completely wide world plastic is a thing that cannot dissolve in the environment but it is also a very important and useful element for the world. On the other hand, manufacturing paper also affects the atmosphere by cutting trees.

  • After 2019, UK focused more on recycling wastes generated from different organisations.
  • After 25 to 30 years, UK government minimizes the sustainability issue to 25% (oecd.org, 2022).

To lower the sustainability issue the UK use the idea of recycling all plastic-based thing and also recycling papers to stop manufacturing paperboard and paper. In 2020 UK’s recycling rate became very high. It can be assumed that recycling is the main thing to control from using plastic. 

Addressing the issue as a leader 

  • As a leader, waste and pollution because of production are very much difficult to handle (Dani, 2022).
  • For a business leader, it is very tough to create a strategy in which the manufacturing can go on but also the environment cannot be harmed.

A leader of an organization always thought about their company, employees, and products or services. But it is also very important to take care of the environment in which they all are going to live.

  • The leader has to disguise how to prevent the solution of releasing west and pollution.
  • Leadership quality always shows in crisis management (Stoughet al. 2021).

If an organization is made for manufacturing pharmaceutical things then the waste and pollution be very effective for the environment but the leader has to decide how to take care of this situation and how to control the release of waste and pollution.

Theoretical approaches that appeal 

  • Using natural things which are made by nature
  • Using greenery in the business, to improve the sustainability of the business
  • Renewable energy is also can be used to solve the waste of resources which is given by the earth.

Planting too much greenery can reduce the rate of pollution. Additionally, make the environment healthier. To make business more sustainable, it is very important to know the planet and the business both are important, so, try to renew the energies, which are used before.

  • Using renewable energies can sustain the business and its related operations.
  • Planting many trees is important for the planet as it can help in tackling the green house effects produced from the wastages.

 Not using non-renewable energies is the best thing to sustain a business cause non-renewable energy is a limited resource from the earth and using this type of energy also creates the pollution most. Renewable energy can be used several times.

Theoretical approaches that do not appeal 

  • Carroll's CSR pyramid is not appealed to this study.
  • Carroll’s CSR pyramid model shows how a business can only focus on its profit.

The theory means to meet all laws and regulations as well as the demand of stakeholders. Not worried about any other circumstances.

  • Economic responsibility: The organization would be profitable all the time.
  • Legal responsibility: Every organization has its own law. This part of the pyramid says to obey the laws of the company.

Ethical responsibility is tobe fair, logical, and practical for the company. Additionally, philanthropic responsibility describes contributed resources to the community.

Justification of the chosen theory 

  • Using greenery is very affordable for the business organisations and it is sustainable also.
  • Using renewable energies also generates less waste in nature.

Using the trees plantation theory is more effective diminish sustainability issues. It is also very affordable for any organization. Using renewable energies is good for a business but on the other side, it isinvest full set and also it is a one-time investment process.

  • This theory is very justified for a business to grow (Thorisdottir, 2020).
  • Control of the sustainability issue is very important to be in a proper way to create a good image for the industry.

In industry, it is also very important to create a good image as an organization or as a human. So being a good human it is the responsibility to create a healthy environment in which the business will grow and also sustainability issues are diminishing. 


  • Waste and pollution by production and consumption is a sustainability issue
  • It can also be controlled by the people.

In a business or in personal life a healthy environment will always require.After analyzing all study it is clear, that takes whatever natures give, to decrease sustainability issues.



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