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Meeting Individuals Assignment Sample

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Meeting Individuals Assignment Sample


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Case Study 2

Evaluation of anti-discrimination practices to meet the needs of Individuals

Tremayne was shifted to the community hospital as there were differences in understanding between the staff and him. The staff may think that they are communicating properly with the autism patients but autism affects how people connect and share relations with others and they use neuro-typical standards of communication (Brignell et al. 2018). It is very important to have anti discrimination practices most especially for the work setting of a hospital and other health care centres so that they can meet the needs of different Individuals including autism patients.

Impact of preventing discrimination

Here, Tremayne M is an autism patient so there is always a higher probability that they will be discriminated against by the staff of the hospitals without even realizing it (Holt and Yuill, 2017). The staff may not be aware of the complex ways of autism such as the understanding of physical signs, their behaviours, abilities and challenges. The autism, patients have different types of needs and so it is very crucial to prevent any kind of discrimination against them. The prevention of discrimination will help the staff to develop a better understanding of their ways of interacting and their needs. It will also help the staff to reduce the challenges and disabilities of autistic patients.

Different approaches to build relationships and trust

From the various studies, it has been observed that people have different types of challenges and so the staff of healthcare settings need to ensure that they implement different types of approaches for autism patients such as communication to build relationships and trust. According to the studies, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is an effective approach of teaching to interact and communicate with others which will also help to build relationships and trust (Kurniawan, 2018). The approach is especially used for the autism patients so that they can communicate and explain their needs and wants. The approach uses picture symbols for people who face challenges of language, speech and communication needs (Herring et al. 2017).

Importance of promoting Equality and Diversity

The team of cares of Tremayne does not even when he has broken his legs. It is important to promote Equality and diversity so that the patients with Autism and other disabilities can ensure that they receive equal help and support from the staff. Equality and diversity in the healthcare centres will help the staff to meet the needs of different Individuals.

Analysis of skills and personal attributes

Tremayne has a wheat allergy even though he lives on pizza and sandwiches and keeps falling ill. His disabilities also include his poor understanding level. The professionals have to ensure that they have certain skills and personal attributes such as Patient, Empathy, Attentiveness and Knowledgeable to meet the needs of different individuals like Autism Patients. These skills will also help the professionals to reduce his temper and disruptiveness.

Incorporations and Practices of ethical principles

The other users of the services often get distressed by Tremayne' temper but promoting incorporation and practices of ethical principles will ensure that the Autism patients are not being discriminated against for their behaviours such as high temper (Thabtah and Peebles, 2019). The ethical principle is an effective approach to meet the needs of different individuals.

Case Study 4

Evaluation of anti-discrimination practices to meet the needs of Individuals

Billy was admitted to the community hospital. It is very important that the staff of the healthcare centres do not discriminate against their patients with their current living conditions. In such a scenario, Billy needed to have a proper meal since he was eating unhygienic food from rubbish bins. The community hospital should make sure that they can provide the same treatment to every patient to meet their individual needs.

Impact of preventing discrimination

Billy was homeless and had no food. It is very important for the government or NGOs to ensure that they can provide help and support to homeless people. Billy has visual impairment which was also a challenge for him to read the road signs of the city. It is also important to make road signs visible and understandable for everyone irrespective of any disabilities. It is an indirect way of discrimination that needs to be prevented to meet the needs of visually impaired people (Serchen et al. 2021).

Different approaches to building relationships and trust

Communication is the most effective way of resolving problems and conflicts. Billy had a violent fight which resulted in him becoming homeless and mentally ill because of asthma (Runions et al. 2018). It is very important for the health care centres and the staff to meet the needs of different individuals including building and resolving issues with the parents. The hospital needs to have facilities of counselling therapy sessions and counselling so that they can explain to Billy and his mother how to solve the problems and not get in violent fights. This would also help to build a relationship and trust between Billy and his mother.

Importance of promoting Equality and Diversity

When Billy was admitted to the hospital after he had asthma attack the city hospital had no beds and then he was admitted to the community hospital. The city hospital should provide equal treatment to the people even if the patients are homeless, have no money to pay or eat. Promoting equality and diversity will help the city hospital to meet the needs of different individuals.

Analysis of skills and personal attributes

From the studies, it has been observed that patients with asthma have different challenges and needs such as cold air, allergens, social activities and shortness of breath. The staffs need to ensure that they can provide necessary treatment to meet their needs. The staff needed to provide special care and personal attributes as Billy had several health issues and also had poor living conditions which may also cause mental issues to him (Licari et al. 2018).

Incorporations and Practices of ethical principles

Billy was having several health issues including an asthma attack, stomach pain and visual impairment. However, he was not admitted to the city hospital and had no place to live. It is very important that the hospitals have their ethical standards that they can meet the needs of homeless people. The ethical principles should ensure that they can provide a bed to every patient.

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